LeAnn Rimes’ Twitter Detractors Respond to Lawsuit: It’s Not an Invasion of Privacy, Nor Was Tape Edited (EXCLUSIVE)

After news surfaced Thursday that LeAnn Rimes’ legal team filed a lawsuit against individuals that they call a group of Twitter cyber-bullies, several of Rimes’ detractors are firing back with a demand of a clear recitation of the facts.

Kelly Mahan Jaramillo, a film scorer with prominent Hollywood credits, used Celebuzz’s comment board late Thursday to respond to the lawsuit — and listed the name of her talent agency, Burbank, Calif.’s Gorfaine/Schwartz, as the possible source for a defending attorney.

What do the Tweeters say about Rimes?

Rimes’ suit focuses on two individuals — Kimberly Smiley and Lexi Smiley — alleging the women are supporters of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville, the ex-wife of Rimes’ current husband, Eddie Cibrian.

The audio tape of Rimes and a Twitter detractor, recorded recently, is undoctored, Jaramillo says — while Rimes’ attorney in L.A., Larry Stein, bases his case on that there was a tape recorded at all, without Rimes’ consent — even as a public figure.

“Mr. Stein,­ if you and your client feel that the bullying of Leann has sent her to rehab, and the taping of her calling Kimberly Smiley is grounds for a lawsuit,” Jaramillo wrote.

“Please call experts in the field of audio editing for testimony, rather than making ridiculous and unfounded claims to an online tabloid.”

Jaramillo’s film credits are quite lofty — including Steven Spielberg’s films The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Schindler’s List, Amistad, and Saving Private Ryan.

The ties between Jaramillo, who goes by the Twitter handle @KellyMJara, and the group of Twitter harassers, as Rimes calls them, are unclear.

“According to you, the call that YOU made to @8smileys did not exist,” Jaramillo wrote on the Celebuzz comment board, apparently directed at Rimes.

“Now, this ‘non-existent’ call has been ‘edited.’ Your poor [lawyer] Mr. Stein is eating Tums for breakfast, lunch and dinner over that glaring discrepancy alone.”

She added, “We are ready and willing to go to court to prove there is not one single edit in either the ‘snippet’ OR the full 20-minute tape … I gave Mr. Stein our information so that he could contact us when he was preparing his lawsuit to prove that LeAnn Rimes has been the victim of bullying and illegal activity.”

Stein’s case is based on wire-tapping — not on the authenticity of the tape.

He told Celebuzz, “It’s a violation of criminal law to tape someone. At some point you have to stamp your foot — and say enough is enough. I think that’s the point LeAnn has come to.”

Stein noted he could pursue several options, including false light — but ultimately decided only on invasion of privacy.

The Tweeters hit to — where else — Twitter Thursday, both before and after news of the lawsuit was filed.

@EileenYover — who describes herself as “a proud member of the Brandi Bunch” — wrote Thursday: “Being accused of putting someone in “Anxiety Rehab” Now THAT’S a first! lol.”

The Celebuzz comment board also lit up with comments going every which way. This is a sampling of some of the messages that were posted Thursday:

JoBlo: “Here’s a tip, LeAnn: STAY OFF TWITTER AND FACEBOOK! It is possible to live a happy life without social media. If you can’t, you have bigger problems than your haters, who are obviously disturbed. Why would you want to interact with them at all? Just say no to social media!”

BustedBs: “I implore you to stop caring about this silly celebrity and lead a productive life. Surely someone needs you. Life can be taken away tomorrow. People like LeAnn do themselves in, all by themselves. I’m very concerned about people wasting their lives as such. It is cyberbullying. Doesn’t make you look good at all.”

Susie Collins: “There are two sides to every story. Instead of trying to play LeAnn as the victim, you should have contacted the Twitter girls you mention in the above article. If you did, you would have found out that they started following her and commenting on her AFTER they witnessed Leann and her twitter followers bashing and harassing Brandi. There are screen shots of LeAnn laughing and encouraging her followers to say vile nasty things to the mother of her step children after she is the one who broke up the family. LeAnn Rimes is NOT THE VICTIM. Sad that you are so intent to get on her good side, that you didn’t research the story.”

Erin: “Kelly Jaramillo – and your ilk – move on. Find something productive to do with your life. I’m wasting my last three minutes at work. Apparently you’re dedicating your entire life to inserting yourself into the lives of total strangers. Odd. Really, disturbingly odd.”

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 Gee Gee: “LeAnn Rimes is not the victim of bullying, she is using the “nervous brake down and anxiety” in order to take the attention away from the fact that she was caught red handle. She was recorded talking garbage about Brandi, Eddie’s ex-wife. She is using the rehab story to deflect from the real story. No one is harassing LeAnn, but LeAnn has harassed Brandi and has had her fans harass Brandi and Brandi’s supporters. It is all documented — ALL OF IT LeAnn, you know your time has come and now you want to use the ‘going into rehab because I have been bullied and harassed’ is all lies!!”

Heather: “LeAnn seeks people out to argue with on Twitter, including people who are only complimenting Brandy. I know it sounds crazy, but, I have seen this happen.”

What do you think will happen with this case? Do you believe LeAnn or the Tweeters?