‘Little People, Big World: Down Under’: Zach Sees New Romantic Possibilities (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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The Roloffs are off to Australia on their newest special on TLC, Little People, Big World: Down Under. And Celebuzz has an exclusive sneak peek at the adventure.

The family gives their viewers a unique peek into a world most of us have not have experienced before. All the while, their family attempts to adjust their world to fit to what they’ve been told is typical.

What new lesson is learned in Australia?

With Molly departing for college soon and Jeremy already at school, the family decides to take a once-in-a-lifetime trip together to The Outback. In Australia, the family meets up with some ex-pat friends and Zach begins to realize that maybe romance doesn’t always have to fit a mold.

“When you see this commercial with the perfect family or anything, usually it’s the guy is taller and the wife’s there. That’s just how we’ve advertised the perfect family,” Zach points out.

At dinner with Victor, whose relationship mirrors his own, he sees the confidence Victor has not only in himself but also his relationship.

He looks on with admiration, continuing, “For me and Tory it’s inspiring. We never really meet any couple that’s out of the social norm. They took time to get to know each other. Both of them just didn’t just write each other off because, ‘Oh we’re different so it’s not going to work.’ ”

Little People, Big World: Down Under airs Monday, Sept. 3  on TLC at 8 PM.