Sara Paxton Confesses: ‘I Was A Nerd In High School’ (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

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Sara Paxton is known for playing the “It” girl in movies like Sydney White and TV shows like The Beautiful Life, Summerland, and Will & Grace. The 24-year-old also gained notice for portraying badasses in horror movies like The Last House on the Left, The Innkeepers, and Shark Night 3D.

But in real life, Paxton hasn’t always been the coolest chick in town. Earlier this month, she tweeted a photo showing her in her junior high school band, along with the caption: “NERD ALERT!”

Now, in an exclusive interview with Celebuzz, the adorable actress is revealing her less-than-popular past — and why she’s still happily embracing her inner nerd.

You recently tweeted an adorable photo from your past, and wrote, “NERD ALERT!” Were you a nerd in high school?

I guess I was a bit of a nerd in high school. Instead of hanging out at the mall and flirting with boys, my friends and I would play video games, and film ourselves reenacting our favorite movies. I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but we would also do dance routines. Our group was called the “Pterodactyle Crew.” Yes, I like dinosaurs. Yes, there is footage of this. No, no one will ever see it!

Did you get good grades? What was your report card like?

I was obsessed with getting good grades. I was pretty much a straight A student. Except for gym — I’m weak and uncoordinated.

Were you quiet in class?

I was very quiet and shy around strangers, but loud and crazy with my friends. I’m still that way.

What clique were you a part of?

I wasn’t part of any clique. It was just me, and a few girls — Pterydactle crew members — who I’m still besties with today.

Where did you find that awesome band picture?

That picture is from my junior high school yearbook — I loved band! I used to play the Harry Potter theme music all the time.

What did you love most about being a nerd in elementary school and high school?

I don’t think I knew I was a nerd in high school. Because I had such a close group of friends, and we all loved the same things, [so] I guess I never thought of it as nerdy. Looking back on it, I am so grateful that I didn’t grow up too fast, and that I was surrounded by people who accepted me for who I was, so I never felt pressure to be “cool.”

You’re certainly a cool celebrity now, and you’re gorgeous! Do you still feel like a nerd today? 

Well, thank you very much! Yes, I am still a nerd!

Do you love Sara’s nerdy photo as much as we do? Were you a nerd in high school, too? Dish in the comments!