Stars Mock Clint Eastwood's Republican National Convention Speech on Twitter

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Clint Eastwood's rambling, offbeat 12-minute appearance at the closing night of the Republican National Convention in Tampa so upstaged the rest of the event (including nominee Mitt Romney's acceptance speech a half hour later) that it was all anyone watching could talk about.

That included celebrities, who watched as the 82-year-old screen legend argue with an empty chair (that was supposed to be President Barack Obama) with fascination, then took to Twitter in derision.

The funniest tweet may have come from comedian Bob Newhart, who, before he was a TV star, was famous for his routines in which he had one-sided phone conversations with imaginary people. What did Newhart and other snarky celebrities say about Clint Eastwood's speech?

Other stars were more blunt:


Some seemed disappointed to see their hero's apparent stumble:




Others just riffed on what they saw:




Not everyone thought Eastwood's speech was a headscratcher. Some supported him wholeheartedly:

  An anonymous jokester set up a Twitter account called @InvisibleObama that quickly attracted 50,000 followers.

Even the President himself got into the action. The White House response was  a tweeted snapshot, photographed from behind, of Obama in a desk chair, with the caption, "This seat's taken."

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  • Sawgger

    It's a great memory isn't it Cindi? I rmmbeeer Brian's laugh. It was such a good moment at such a tense time. It was one of those break the tension kind of moments. You're right. When dad was sick he would pretend to die and stick out his tongue. Terrible! But oh so dad and he was always there for us even when he was the one who needed us.

  • dani

    I'm Canadian, and I agree with the others, I think it's just b/c liberals are so loud-mouthed and whiny that it seems like those are the only views. The same way the leftist media skews it.

  • Lily T
    Lily T

    Do only republicans read gossip? Go Obama! At least he doesn't hate poor people, @IrvineGirl

  • Jamie


  • iZooti

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  • guest

    Anyone with intellect can understand the message Clint Eastwood was getting across through his use of the 'imaginary Obama'. His statement "when somebody does not do the job, we gotta let them go" is something to keep in mind.

  • Irvinegirl

    The only responses are coming from liberal hollywood because they are stupid and don't know any better than to support a President hell-bent on destroying our country. Don't they realize that he hates wealthy people? How stupid can these insipid assholes be?