Tori Spelling Gives Birth to Baby Boy Named Finn Davey McDermott

baby number 4!
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Tori Spelling is adding yet another bouncing baby to her brood.

The former 90210 star and husband Dean McDermott has welcomed new son Finn Davey on Thursday, August 30, the actress confirms on her personal site.

She writes:

Please join us in welcoming Finn Davey McDermott


5:39 PM

6 pounds, 6 ounces – 20 inches long

Little Finn joins brother Liam, 5, and sisters Stella, 4, and Hattie, 10 months.

Spelling, 39, announced Finn's pregnancy back in March, just months after delivering her youngest daughter.

“She’s just super fertile.” McDermott, 45, explained to Celebuzz about Spelling's back-to-back pregnancies.

“It’s so funny how everyone blames the man,” the Due South star said, laughing. “It’s like, ‘Oh my God will you leave your wife alone?’ But it takes two to tango. She wasn’t putting up that much of a fight."

Spelling also noted about her unique fourth pregnancy, telling People that her experience with Finn has been the "total opposite" in contrast with what she had with her three other children.

“This is actually the best pregnancy I’ve had so far out of all of them,” the Craft Wars host said. "Knock on wood. [I have] no morning sickness and I have energy."



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  • Matilde

    Being a MOM is the most beautiful thing in the world....

  • Kira

    This woman disgust me. she's always giving birth like she was a hamster or something. Stupid woman.

  • johnmeyer448

    Rίchhοοkμρ. ℃. O. M ------ Where the rich successful men are seeking gorgeous women. Maybe you can take a try.


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