Victoria Justice, Bella Thorne, Tyler Posey: 15 Teen Stars You Never Knew Were Latino (GALLERY)

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Most people know that teen superstars Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are Latinas. After all, Gomez has made no secret about the fact that she was named after the late Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla, and Lovato (who's also half-Mexican) appeared on the cover of Latina Magazine's December 2011 issue, and opened up to the magazine about her Latin roots and  what being Latina means to her.

But what a lot of people may not know is that, aside from Selena and Demi, many of the big stars in young Hollywood are also Latinos!

Bella Thorne, the white, freckle-faced star of the Disney Channel’s signature show Shake It Up? Cuban! Victoria Justice, the title character of Nickelodeon’s hit show, Victorious? Puerto Rican! Tyler Posey, the male lead on MTV’s dark reimagining of Teen Wolf? Mexican! Tristan Wilds, the star of the CW's 90210 remake? Dominican! And Rebecca Black, the singer(?) who made the entire world cover its ears with her hit song "Friday?" Mexican!

Yes, there are more Latino teen stars in Hollywood than ever before, which is great news, because it means there's more diversity in Hollywood than ever! Although, you may not be aware of it for one big reason: You may not know they’re Latino!

Celebuzz proudly presents our gallery of 15 Latino teen stars you never knew were Latino above! Be sure to drop us a comment and tell us which ones surprise you most!



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  • Erika

    well thank you for endorsing a thief a liar and a murderer for our presidency..thank you indeed

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    Don't know why this bitch is famous. I can make a shitty ass song too.

  • hihu

    Rory is latino? :O ahahah Never would guess

  • Katie

    Not a surprise at all.

  • SageEyes

    Wow, never would have guessed it! I wonder if she is fluent in Spanish? People always confuse my ethnicity too, people for a while thought I was Russian, and someone else said I looked like I was from Denmark (I dont know what the means lol!) but both of my parents are in fact Mexican!! Haha I don't even understand were people came up with Russian?