Justin Bieber Gets Pulled Over By the Cops — Again: His Many Run-Ins With Highway Patrol (GALLERY)

Justin Bieber's Risky Ride
Justin Bieber arrives to a photo shoot on the hood of his Mercedes.
Justin Bieber's New Car
Learn all about Justin Bieber's $100,000 ride.
Justin Bieber had another encounter with the California Highway Patrol Friday after an officer pulled the “Boyfriend” crooner over for tinted windows.

The cops first spotted the singer in his $100,000 Fisker Karma after noticing a Nissan — which carried members of the 18-year-old’s security team — driving “aggressively close behind” his car down Los Angeles’ Ventura Blvd.

However, that wasn’t the end of Bieber’s traffic problems.

Photographers allegedly swarmed the surrounding area after Bieber was pulled over, which resulted in two paparazzi crashing into each other at an intersection.

According to TMZ, no one was cited — unlike Bieber’s previous run-in with the law.

In July, the photographer who allegedly led a swarm of paparazzi to chase Bieber down 101 Freeway in the San Fernando Valley was charged with reckless driving.

Paul Raef, 30, a freelance pap, was hit with four charges: following another vehicle too closely; reckless driving with the intent to capture pictures for commercial gain; reckless driving; and failing to obey the lawful order of a peace officer, according to a press release sent to Celebuzz.

Bieber himself was already under investigation after attacking a paparazzo at the Commons at Calabasas Shopping Center in May. The tween heartthrob allegedly got fed up with the photographer — who Celebuzz identified as Jose Sarros — and struck him in the face in front of girlfriend Selena Gomez, 20.

“The case was just passed off to the D.A.’s office … it is up to the D.A. if they press charges,” Nicole Nishida, a sheriff’s public information officer, confirmed to Celebuzz regarding the investigation.

What do you make of Bieber’s recent run-ins with the law? Click through the gallery above to see his past encounters with the highway patrol, then get in on the conversation below.