'Real Housewives' Aviva Drescher on St. Barths: 'I Really Become Unhinged' (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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For new castmember Aviva Drescher, stepping into Bravo's The Real Housewives of New York City society has been like reliving the horrors of high school.

“It felt a lot like Mean Girls to me,” the reality star told Celebuzz. “I got sucked in by the mean girls, and then I discover that they’re not such nice people.”

Since the fifth season kicked off June 4, Drescher — a show newcomer alongside Heather Thomson and Carole Radziwill — has found herself facing off with co-stars Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan.

And Drescher reveals that brewing battle comes to a head on Monday night’s drama-packed episode.

“Monday is, I think, sort of the crescendo of my storyline,” Drescher admits. “We need a whole hour to discuss Monday’s episode. I really become unhinged. All that biting of my tongue when I was in the pool, or when I was going in the Jacuzzi, or when Ramona was in my kitchen, sort of comes out.”

And a heated exchange between the castmates pushes Drescher over the edge.

“I was very hurt, and very angry with Ramona and Sonja and, unfortunately, I called them a name in the heat of the moment that I regret,” she said. “Here I am teaching my children every day not to name call and then there it goes, it slips out. And I feel badly about that.”

“With that said,” she continued, “these women didn’t behave like friends or even acquaintances as far as I was concerned. I think that they were very, very mean and selfish and it was very disappointing to me. I pick and choose my battles and this was not a battle that was going to go and be stuffed under the carpet.”

As for the cast’s now-controversial trip to St. Barths, “I would not have gone if I had known that the ladies felt even a little bit uncomfortable about having Reid in the background,” admits Drescher. “Never in a million years would I ever want to make anyone fell uncomfortable.”

Though she “went on this trip because the ladies had been pushing me and pushing me and pushing me for weeks,” Drescher regrets “taking the time to go away with them.... Only to get there and be abused.”

Watch more from our interview with Drescher above.

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Mondays at 9 PM on Bravo.

What do you think of Drescher and her frenemies? Weigh in below.

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  • lori

    Avivia, thinks in her narrow mind everyone needs to give her attention.She just appears to me,to be the one who wants everyone to feel sorry for her and her childhood accident.Where were the parents when this happened.She appears to nasty,and has a whole lot of self-pity.There is something wrong with this picture.I really hope she doesn't come back to the show.I find her really boring..........................................................

  • Cinnamon

    Aviva, you're too narrow minded, judgmental, angry and narcissistic to be on this show. If there was any humor or charm about you, it might redeem you but the name calling is unconscionable. For the sake of your daughter, please find a sincere apology for Carole (since you ruined a wonderful St Barth's vacation & forced her to babysit you), Heather (For boring, repetitious, overbearing ongoing criticisms of Sonja & Ramona), Sonja & Ramona; then pray that they accept your apologies. THEN, find yourself a good therapist and commit 3-5 years to unscrambling phobias that have generalized beyond control of you or your emotions. Then, graciously leave the show and spare the public and all New York women further extreme embarrassment. And please stop wandering hallways listening in on other's conversations...

  • lexi74

    You're not the only one - Andy Cohen took a poll on "Watch What Happens" tonight. He asked viewers whose side they're on - Ramona or Avivia? Ramona won by a landslide.

  • Lexi74

    You're not the only one - Andy Cohen took a poll on Watch What Happens tonight . He asked viewers whose side are you on - Ramona or Aviva? Ramona won by a landslide!

  • christine swinton
    christine swinton

    Aviva is a nasty, selfish NUT !!!! Especally when things dont goh her way . Its all about her all the time. And you better have a party waitng with a red carpet rolled out for her when she arrives ! Really? Wwow Aviva Id be embarressed and ashamed... Id take Ramonas side any day over hers.

  • Lexi74

    My question is why would her husband want to stay in a house full of women on a girls weekend anyways? How about grab a six pack and find a fishing boat instead and let the girls have their fun?

  • jjnola

    The only person who "owed" Reid a thank you for bringing Aviva was Aviva!! I can't believe she thought everyone else should thank him. What an ass.

  • Lido

    Bunch of spoiled, marginally attractive women. The worst of what America has to offer. Sad show. ....and Aviva, before you get too high and mighty with the "white trash", remember that Cardoza Law School is a crappy school. I'm sure you already know that or you would have "named" it while you were going off on the other white trash. (yes....I said, "other white trash"....you are included!)

  • Lexi74

    Everyone was having fun and getting along until Aviva showed up. From that point on it was all about her and her anxieties. She actually said they should have made her a banner to congratulate her on getting there. She acts like a spoiled, demanding little kid.

  • Melanie White
    Melanie White

    Quite frankly, her father is white trash- oh, no, according to Aviva he is hilarious for sticking his hot poker into people’s butts at parties and lewd comments. And how dare vacationing girls be in the house pool in St Barts when Aviva arrives instead of standing at the door waiting to greet her! ...And who needs the FERRY to St. Barts when you can take a small plane that you fear- those sunglasses will surely help!!

  • Melanie White
    Melanie White

    Notice when she named Vassar but didn't name her second-tier law-school (it is ranked 56th). What? Couldn't get into a top tiered law school? Stop bragging.

  • Melanie White
    Melanie White

    She really needs help to examine why she has so much suppressed rage, and need not look far. She calls her father's vile, disrespectful, rude, sexual harassing behavior toward women as "hilarious" and laughs it off, yet she misjudges other people constantly and expresses anger irrationally. She incomprehensibly previously backed up Ramona against Heather when Ramona was wrong, and demanded heather offer multiple apologies when she already had, yet she herself wouldn't apologize or let it go. She demands attention and constantly brings up all her anxieties, even as she says she doesn't want to talk about them- if she truly fears small planes she could easily have either taken a FERRY to St. Barts that go 3 times a day or stayed home. Last episode she incomprehensibly backed up Ramona when she was wrong against heather who was right- she neds help!

  • susan

    Memo to Aviva.........you are not as wonderful as you think you are, in fact you are stuck on yourself with no reason. I would rather be around Sonja and Ramona hundred times then a self centered, indulged, princess. I guess you can't expect much more from an obvious liberal!

  • Susan Witt, Texas
    Susan Witt, Texas

    I reallyhave enjoyed the girls trip but I did not enjoy seeing Aviva become unhinged. I realize she was stressed out and tired. She should have excused herself and went to her room and took a power nap and maybe things would have been different. Aviva is one of my fav wifes and I was disappointed that she lowered herself to the name calling. I also agree with the other wives that it's a GIRLS WEEKEND. Reid should have went to other accomdations and Aviva be solely with the girls. I even think that Carole doesn't get a pass either. She claims she doesn't get to see the boyfriend often but oh well...put your big girl panties on and committ to the girl weekend thing. I don't understand why these women are so darn selfish. Jeeeeezzzzzz. Get over yourselves.

  • Sarah

    I hope Bravo fires Aviva, what a stuck-up snore. Worst housewife ever. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • lol

    i think Aviva missed the memo that SHE is not the PRINCESS on the show!!! haha

  • ocviewer

    You must be a freekin' liberal!!

  • Beaute' Jonsen
    Beaute' Jonsen

    Husbands were supposed to stay home or in this case cause Aviva was afraid of flying her husband was to accompany her but go to a hotel when he got here. This was supposed to be a girls time out. Aviva is clearly an ugly person inside to call anyone white trash and then mentions Rush Limbaugh's apology to the women he called out about birth control pills. This women should not be on any show--she is an insult to women. And IMO, a degradation to society.

  • pat

    What is up with Eviva being a psycho tonite??? Can she DO ANYTHING without her husband holding her hand? How pathetic.

  • Lexi74

    Aviva brags about her education at Vasser and having attended law school and the best she can do is call these ladies "white trash"? I can't remember the last time I called someone a name. I'm sure I was sent to the principal's office when I did Then she refused to apologize, but she demanded one when they didn't make her husband welcome. Wow!

  • jenirow

    Okay, I have to ask...didn't Aviva watch the show before she joined the cast? It's not like Ramona has changed at all, she's just as blunt, self centered and rude as she ever was. Also, while I like Aviva, I think her privileged life and upbringing has allowed her phobias to control not only her life and the lives of those around her, so she was probably shocked when Ramona showed no compassion, but people who watch the show are probably not shocked at all.

  • annameyer23

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  • afffeng110

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