‘Bachelor Pad’: Who Will Win Next Week’s Finale? (VIDEO & POLL)

Emotions ran very high on Monday night’s penultimate episode of Bachelor Pad, in which the final two couples were chosen to compete in next week’s long-awaited season finale.

So, who will be chasing after $250,000 and a potential shot at love? The answer may surprise you.

This being the season of twists, twists and more twists, another game-changer was thrown into the ring very early on in the episode, when the four remaining couples learned that one team would be sent home after the very first challenge.

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen Monday’s episode of Bachelor Pad.

The kicker: The challenge’s winning team would decide who stays and who goes home, a twist that would be repeated later on in the episode, with much more tearful results.


Winning the first challenge was Chris and Sarah, who channeled their inner-Sophie’s Choice by sending home Blakeley and Tony. Sad? Sure. Surprising? Nah, as we all knew Blakeley and Tony never really stood much of a chance to begin with.

Indeed, the shocking moments were saved until the final rose ceremony of the evening, which came down to Nick and Rachel, Ed and Jaclyn and the aforementioned Chris and Sarah.

Having won the second challenge, in which the couples sang arguably the worst karaoke seen since this writer’s 25th birthday, Nick and Rachel were forced to decide which couple they wanted to take with them to Monday’s finale.


Based on everything we had seen leading up to Monday’s episode, one would assume that their choice would be Ed and Jaclyn, right?

Wrong. Very, very, wrong.

Betraying a trust that was built over seven episodes, Nick and Rachel chose Chris and Sarah instead, a decision that reduced a bitter Jaclyn to tears.


“I just feel like the worst person in the entire world right now,” Rachel said, following the vote.

Jacklyn also had a few things to say, most of which were bleeped out by the show’s censors.

“I want nothing to do with her, ever again,” she said, through tears. (Watch the emotional elimination in the video, above.)

This marks the second time Jaclyn was ostensibly screwed over; last week, her partner, Ed, basically he told her he was just not that into her, without, you know, actually saying it. Sigh, indeed.

Now, only two couples remain. But who will actually win the whole shebang?

Cast your vote in the poll, below, then be sure to watch the finale of Bachelor Pad when it airs next Monday at 8PM on ABC.