Kanye West to Have Seatbelt Installed at MTV Video Music Awards, Jokes Host Kevin Hart

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Kanye West won’t be embarrassing himself this year at the MTV Video Music Awards, taking place on Thursday in L.A.

That’s because he won’t be able to stand up — or at least says the VMAs host Kevin Hart.

“We actually have Kanye, and we have a seatbelt in his seat,” Hart said Tuesday, with a laugh at a promotional press conference, to spruik the annual MTV awards show.

What other celebs will Hart roast at the VMAs?

“We have actually banned the artists that we feel are capable of doing such things. Li’l Mama is not allowed in the building.”

“Little things we’re doing this year that we didn’t think to do last year,” Hart added. “I don’t think we’re going to have any incidents — and if we do, this is the place for it.”

“It’s MTV, the VMAs, we want this stupid stuff to happen. We need stuff to talk about the next morning. So, I’m hoping somebody does something stupid.”

Hart filmed a promo commercial recently with West and girlfriend Kim Kardashian for the MTV VMA’s — joking he was trying to fit in with “Ye and KK.”

West is up for the Best Solo Artist and Best Hip-Hop Video awards this year, among others, and is expected to attend the star-studded show.

He infamously stormed the stage of the VMAs in 2009 when Taylor Swift accepted her award for Best Female Video. West –apparently tipsy — said onstage that Beyonce deserved the award.

He later apologized to Swift, after the then-19-year-old singer was miffed about the encounter.

West’s career went into hibernation for several months afterwards.

Also at this year’s VMAs was the expected appearance of Breaking Dawn Pt. 2’s star-crossed lovers Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

That since has come into doubt.

But, Hart, while he said he didn’t know much about their personal love story — he did say he expected them to come together for the show.

And, of anyone, as host, Hart may be privy to what’s happening in the show.

“From what I understand, I think so,” Hart said Tuesday, when asked if Pattison and Stewart would be appearing on the show.

“I’m not up to date on the I guess you could say soap opera that’s going on between them. But they have a movie to promote, so I hope so. Twilight is coming up. It makes sense for them to do something if you ask me.”

When a press member asked for Hart to repeat the question, the host joked — though with a high degree of seriousness — that he just didn’t care.

“The question was are Kristen and Robert going to still be a part of this year’s VMAs,” Hart said. “The answer was, ‘I don’t care.'”

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