‘Keep Your Head Up’ Singer Andy Grammer on Tour With Train: Fun at the Fair? (VIDEO)

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Andy Grammer on Tour
The 'Keep Your Head Up' singer shows life on the road w/ Train
Guess who’s back again?

Singer Andy Grammer, 28,  has made his way on over to the Land of Lincoln, taking some time off from his nationwide tour with the band Train to make a pit stop at the Illinois State Fair.

Last webisode we saw him battling “the claw” in an attempt to win a furry friend at his hotel suite, so Grammer is definitely all about the fun and games.

Was he able to cash in on some prizes this time?

After multiple tries at the bottle game — where your goal is to throw rings onto as many glass bottles as you can — the singing sensation finally forfeited.

“We lost every single one,” he admitted.

So what was next on his agenda?

The mechanical bull, of course.

Grammer held onto the reigns with all his might as he tried to keep his body weight on the electronic animal for as long as possible  — not an easy thing to do when the mechanical bull is getting rough and trying to push him off.

How did the battle of the bull go? Watch the video and weigh in below with your best fair experience.