Kourtney Kardashian and Kris Jenner Have a Family Lunch Date with Little Mason Disick (PHOTOS)

Shopping with Grandma
Kourtney Kardashian and Kris Jenner Take Penelope and Mason Shopping in Malibu

Kourtney Kardashian and mom Kris Jenner made sure to make the most of their white wardrobes before Labor Day this weekend.

The mother-daughter team stunned in their all white outfits as they went for lunch in Malibu, Calif. on September 1.

While little Mason Disick broke with the white theme, the always stylish two-year-old still flashed some serious fashion on his outing with Grandma.

What did the fashionable family get up to?

Stopping in at the Malibu Country Mart, Kris, 56, and Kourtney, 33, did some shopping at Kitson while they also picked up a little something for Mason at Toy Crazy.

Kourtney blogged about their "Malibu outing with Grandma".

"We had lunch at Taverna Tony’s, which is one of my absolute favorite restaurants, and then did a little stroll and shop through Cross Creek and the Lumber Yard," Kourtney said.

"I am wearing a Mara Hoffman shirt (Dash), Kardashian Kollection jeans, Givenchy flats, Illesteva sunglasses and Prada diaper bag.

"Mason is wearing a Boy+Girl t-shirt, Vilebrequin swim trunks and Freshly Picked moccasins."

What do you think of the family's shopping style? Sound off in the comments below.



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  • bar

    he looks like a girl ! why did she do that to hem ?!

  • emma

    don't you think he should be walking not being carried every where. he has legs let him use them.

  • me

    Mason is absolutely adorable but its time to cut his hair

  • Donna Barnes
    Donna Barnes

    Good Lord grandma-cover up your boobs! How old are you??

  • Lindsay

    Cut his hair!!

  • Laura

    Same thing I was thinking! She's too old not to have some support going on.....

  • Nikki Neesh Taylor
    Nikki Neesh Taylor

    what a little cutie x

  • tim

    kourt, the baby's daddy is such a .... well, take away the $$ and what are you lleft with? he cant even muster up enuff coolness to look good in the pathetic amount of airtime he gets on the show.

  • nana

    Kris looks great don't do more surgeries you are a gorgeous lady

  • 3|tCHsLAPPED


  • 3|tCHsLAPPED



    I would hope you are forgetting the camera and making precious time for the newest family member. Family is forever and the camera can be turned off!! Just saying!!

  • Renee Rutherford
    Renee Rutherford

    Kourtney you look very good for after just having a baby now you and Scott need to say I do...

  • Me

    Wow, she's actually holding her grandson!

  • Nae

    Publicity...Kris has NEVER carried around Mase a day in his life ... until now...

  • Nae

    I'm sure he had the paps in his face since day one - so he's used to it...That's all he's known since he was born - no big deal to him (adapted to his environment) :)

  • Guest

    there would be no paps if mama K didn't call them - the kid needs to walk, he is quite chubby

  • Linda N.
    Linda N.

    For goodness sake, at least Kourtney and Kris are with the children. I see people shopping all the time and leaving their kids run wild in mall shopping areas and parking lots. All of them are well-dressed and enjoying their outing. Leave them be already!

  • Jazmine

    first time I see those two beings together...cute tho<3

  • Gloriann

    Love! It's nice to walk around with your mom and kiddies. Very tender pics :-)

  • sakura

    c quand ton tour kloè,de porter le bébé de lamar,tu devrais aider la nature et toi aussi,je pense que ton marie se demande quel est ton problème,va y il y a beaucoup de solution pour tomber enceinte n'ai pas peur

  • Kel

    Not bein funny but why would u let him walk with all of the paparazzi around for all we know mason could also be scared of them people comming up around u alll the time its not good

  • Mamma of 0, but not dumb
    Mamma of 0, but not dumb

    Mamma of 3 - Would you let your child walk around with a ton of paparazzi swarming you near a busy street??? Dumb.

  • alexandra

    that woman needs a bra

  • Mamma of 3
    Mamma of 3

    Mason is to big to be carrying around....let him walk and learn some independence!! plus it burns a lot of energy off for him.