LeAnn Rimes 'Doing Extremely Well' in Treatment, Will Emerge A 'Better Person,' Says Friend (EXCLUSIVE)

"Very Positive" About Her Therapy
LeAnn Rimes Doing Well in Rehab
Leann Rimes and Brandi Glanville Talk At Son Jake's Soccer Game in LA
Exclusive - LeAnn was victim of merciless cyber bullying Read More »
LeAnn in Treatment
The singer enters treatment facility to cope with anxiety and stress. Read More »

LeAnn Rimes will emerge from treatment personally revamped, a source who has communicated with the country musician several times since last week tells Celebuzz.

"I have spoken to her a few times," the Rimes pal said.

"LeAnn is doing extremely well and very positive about the therapy she is receiving."

How else is Rimes doing?

"She'll definitely come out of this a better person."

Rimes checked into a 30-day program last Wednesday -- a day after turning 30 years old -- for what her rep, Marcel Periseau, called "anxiety" and difficulty with "coping mechanisms."

Later that day, her attorney Larry Stein filed suit in a California court alleging two women, Kimberly and Lexi Smiley, were harassing Rimes on Twitter -- and that the two women published an unauthorized recording of a conversation online afterwards.

Rimes goes on an American tour in October through December for 23 dates.

She said recently her next album, Spitfire, will hit stores early next year.

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Do you think LeAnn will emerge from rehab a better person? What will she learn from rehab? Will she still be the subject of Twitter hatred?



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  • gross

    Celebuzz and People magazine need to stop enabling Leann. Why has Leann given TWO exclusives interviews after only 3 DAYS of treatment? People magazine just released another interview from Leann and it's a new one, which means she gave it to them sometime this week. Why would any judge or court take Leann's lawsuit against the teacher and her daughter seriously when Leann won't shut up? Leann claims to be upset that her privacy was violated, yet she keeps talking about her life to TWO media outlets who are not about maintaining a celeb's privacy. Whatever sympathy anyone might have felt for Leann went out the window with the knowledge that Leann is still famewhoring during the time she is supposed to be getting treatment. When celebs are serious about their treatment, they focus on the treatment. This all a publicity stunt and Leann is doing a great disservice to those who really do suffer from bullying or mental health issues. How can the media continue to allow Leann to scam them like this. People magazine is going to lose even more readers. 3 DAYS of treatment and Leann is still talking to the media. Leann isn't in rehab, she's just at some fancy spa because no treatment center is going to allow these back to back interviews to occur like this during treatment.

  • Brittnilea

    @Haily Johnsten Sounds as if this is a bully comment from BustedBs! All the more dramma??????? Is your name "Johnsten" because you are mocking Kristen Johnston who wrote an open post about Leann's yes people enabling her bad behavior instead of getting her the help she truly deserves?

  • Haily Johnsten
    Haily Johnsten

    Sounds as if this is another tweeter bully! All the more dramma???????

  • rolltideroll

    Kim Smiley followed Leann in 2010 for a brief period, and stopped following her before she ever met Brandi or her Twitter friends. That didn't occur until 2011. Further, Kim's been private for over a year so how could she possibly be taunting Leann? Did you know that Leann publicly tweeted Kim a few months back, and Kim never responded? For those who think im lying, feel free to check her TL and then get back to me about how "bullied" she is. Her stupid fans troll TLs and tweet anyone who says anything nice about Brandi, or anything negative about (NOT to) Leann. I know this for a fact because I've had to block MANY of them, and I don't even tweet LR bc I blocked her loooong ago too.

  • Holly Ison
    Holly Ison

    May the Lord continue to look after LeAnn and give her the strength to over come the words out of those who do nothing but tear down her EVERY move. (bowing my head). God bless her always!!! Holly in East Tennessee (a day one fan of her) P.S. I can't wait to hear her new songs! (big smile)

  • gross

    Someone said that 2 of Leann's fans are on twitter bragging about how Leann has been calling them. Celebuzz and People reported that Leann is seeking treatment for anxiety and stress because her privacy(which she puts on display 24/7), was "invaded", so why is Leann still calling people who she met on twitter? Doesn't she know that this can be used against her case? If she is so distraught over being taped while talking to people over the phone, then why has she actively sought out and called two people from the treatment facility only after 3 days of treatment? Why does Celebuzz continue to support Leann when they know she is wrong and what she is telling them is false? This could make a nice story for Radaronline. Leann claims to be distraught over invasion of privacy, yet she is still talking to her fans on the phone and tweeting. Her phone calls to her fans and to Celebuzz make it look like this lawsuit is all a publicity stunt, either to clean up her image so she can promote her album and single or to hide the fact that her husband is cheating on her.

  • Collette Ojeda
    Collette Ojeda

    Sorry to burst your guys' bubble, but no one is "hating" on her. We just genuinely DON'T like her! Once a homewrecker, ALWAYS a homewrecker. I wish nothing good on her.

  • TG

    If Smiley committed a crime, she committed a crime. She should pay for it. As far as being a teacher, who wants a bully to be their child's teacher? Not me!

  • latinamoma

    I agree smiley and co are not innocent and I admit the twitter comments directed to LeAnn are wayy out of control. However what I am trying to say is that pales in comparison to a multi-millionare suing a mother of 4 children. She is a teacher (low salary) and may be fired for this so its a fair guess that her family is not going to be well off afterwards. Ms Smiley will not be the only one punished bc of this lawsuit her 4 innocent children will and LeAnn is 30 years old definitely old enough to understand that.

  • Jacy

    I am sorry but Ms.Smiley is also over 30 years old and a teacher. She really has set a good example for her students and children. As far as 2010 Ms. Smiley only followed LeAnn to harras her and make fun of every word she tweeted to her tweeter buddies! Ms. Smiley is no way innocent of this bullying along with her buddies-Jezi-Jazz221-Elaine Yover etc.

  • latinamoma

    This whole situation just makes me so uneasy. If LeAnn was a teenager I would feel bad for her dealing with internet "bullies" but she is a 30 year old woman who should have thicker skin and enough common sense to block and ignore people who put her down on social media. Furthermore, regardless of how much emotional stress this teacher has supposedly caused her, I cannot believe she is suing her. I read somewhere that Mrs Smiley is a mother of 4....did you hear that LeAnn? You are suing a mother of 4 for 25,000???? Regardless of how badly you have been "bullied" you are seriously DIMINISHING the financial stability of 4 innocent children. That is heartless and that should not be overlooked by anyone. Yes, both sides are not innocent in the taunting and bullying but it seems to me that LeAnn won the title of bigger bully when she decided to drain a working family's finances.

  • Sara

    She needs to stop playing the victim and Celebuzz needs to get over their crush on her.

  • vonnie

    Leanne is the one who called them and cussed them out! No one likes someone who refuses to take responsibility for herself and her action. Its the victim/martyr thing...she's got it down pat.

  • gross

    Leann is still giving you exclusive interviews, so we can already tell that the threapy isn't working and hasn't made her a better person. She was also tweeting over the weekend. What was Leann trying to accomplish by having Celebuzz release this article because it comes off as if she is gloating. She has been in rehab for 3 days, so why was there a need for this article? Everyone was hoping that she had learned to stop famewhoring, which includes feeding Celebuzz articles like this. After everyone finds out that she gave this exclusive to Celebuzz after only 3 days of threapy, Leann is going to be on everyone's list of most disliked celebs. Her lawyer can't blame the tape for people calling Leann and crazy when after 3 days of threapy she is still giving this site exclusives. This was a bad pr move and can be used in the countersuit against Leann.

  • tessness

    She is already a better person than a lot of these people commenting about her. Good luck and screw the haters, they are nothing.

  • Zorbitor

    Sounds like they're cleaning her up for her tour. Don't want a Michael Jackson.