Big Time Rush Makes 8-Year-Old's Wish Come True

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Big Time Rush is fulfilling the dreams of one of its very special fans.

Eight-year-old Jane Flemeyer has been battling leukemia for over a year, and when doctors told her mother that treatment was no longer an option, Jil Flemeyer launched a campaign to make her daughter's dream of meeting Big Time Rush a reality.

And the pop group is fulfilling Jane's wish...

Sadly, Jane is now too fragile to travel, but Big Time Rush, together with the Kendall Schmidt's brothers Kevin and Kenneth, have some surprises in store for her.

Not only did the boys record a video for Jane, but they  are working on setting up a Skype session so she'll be able to talk to her boy band idols face-to-face.

Kendall's older brother Kevin tweeted, "Beautiful Jane Flemeyer, A birdy told me for you to look out for a message from @bigtimerush tomorrow. :) Xo Warrior Princess, Kevin."

A source close to the band tells Celebuzz the Schmidt brothers and Logan Henderson will reach out to Jane's mother sometime today to coordinate the Skype session.

To learn more about Jane's story, visit her CaringBridge site.




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  • melissa malone
    melissa malone

    hey i want you guys to perform at my party i want to ask your agant and manager if ti's okay with you guys because i love you guys and your music. you are amazing and totally rock in roll dance music.

  • Abby

    They were going to tell her that on Skype while they were Skyping with her but sadly she passed on before they could surprise her.

  • Kim

    Correction in this Jill went to be with her father in heaven on Thursday afternoon.

  • Cindy

    Unfortunatly Jane's wish did not come true. She died on Wed. It was reported that they were going to skype and a visit on Monday but sadly it was not in time

  • Jjllian Gilder
    Jjllian Gilder

    for all you who were following Jane Fiemeyer, she passed away about 3 hours ago. She did not get to see Big Time Rush. So heartbreaking & not understandable why these things happen to such young lives & families. She's at peace & comfortable now at least with our cousin Ryan & Grandpa Ray & everyone else in our family and hers.

  • Holly

    As a member of the community where this beautiful "Warrior Princess" belongs, we would love to have had BTR visit in person, but I am so very grateful to hear that they have responded so quickly to this request. Thank you for doing what you can. I am certain if time would allow you would have been here. I enjoyed watching you with my boys, but now have an even better opinion of these young men and their hearts! Thank you!

  • Miranda

    While I kind of agree with you, they cant because they are currently on tour.

  • Lilly McManigle / ladybugsforJane
    Lilly McManigle / ladybugsforJane

    BTR, I feel that while its awesome your reaching out... I feel like "skype" contact is not enough for your biggest fan... If you had a child in this situation you would want the ultimate, biggest dream fulfilled if it were their last wish. Go see her in "person" please!!!!

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  • Janell Ann
    Janell Ann

    So VERY AWESOME of BTR to reach out to Princess Warrior Jane!!!! Hugs to them for doing that.