'Glee's' Britney Spears Tribute: Rachel Is Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman on 'Britney 2.0' (PHOTOS)

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Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) is not a girl, not yet a woman in these newly released stills from Glee's first tribute episode of Season 4, "Britney 2.0."

On the episode, as the pressures of NYADA start to mount for Rachel, she turns to her newfound school friend, Brody Weston (Dean Geyer), for help. Meanwhile back at McKinley, Brittany (Heather Morris) is depressed without her girlfriend Santana (Naya Rivera), so she calls on her icon Britney Spears for some much needed inspiration.

While the official track-listing for the episode has yet to be released, judging from these episode stills, everyone gets in on the Britney action.

What else can Gleeks look forward to this season?

Despite Rachel and Brody's racy number, for the first episodes Rachel will still be head-over-heals for her high school sweetheart Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith).

“She is all about Finn. That’s where her head is at,” Michele told E! Online on the New York City set. “And this guy Brody just kind of keeps sort of popping up a little bit. He’s interested, so we’ll see where it goes.”

Meanwhile, Finn's future is being kept under wraps until the Season 4 premiere on Sept. 13. At the end of Season 3 it looked like Finn was ready to join the Army -- and according to E! Online, he did indeed spend some time in camouflage. He even has the buzz cut to prove it.

However, it looks like Finn's Army days were short-lived. "I can say that Cory is fully on the show this year," Michele told E! Online. "And what he will be doing this year is very exciting. His storyline is so cool and so different. You couldn't even ever guess."

With her relationship with Finn uncertain, at least Rachel will have her BFF to count on. That's right, Gleeks. Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) is moving to the Big Apple.

As we previously reported, when the fourth season of Glee kicks off, a very “bored and aimless” Kurt will leave Lima, Ohio to follow his dreams to New York City. There, he’ll intern for Vogue.com and work under editor Isabelle Klempt (Sarah Jessica Parker). And for all of you HummelBerry fans, he'll be shacking up with Rachel in a spacious Brooklyn loft.

Are you excited for the Season 4 premiere of Glee? Sound off in the comments!




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  • Charmaine

    Is this some kind of promotional platform for Dean Geyer? I thought this section is meant to leave a comment about the article above. Glee writers are trying to make us comfortable with all these new characters. To make this work, they have left most of the graduated seniors out for several eps. and replaced them with younger likeable characters. They want us to get comfortable with these new attractive characters and to start falling in love with them eventually. I'm not so sure about this warm-up season. I think they are playing the old fans only to maybe gain some new ones and the fans might tune out! I still am curious about the NY story, because there's a new story to be told about college (if Rachel would stay single even more interesting). I am afraid that back at McKinley the same old story will be told....

  • Kate

    I hope they give Brody a chance even if the Finchel mother ship is insecure and shaking in their boots they might not have pining Rachel tethered to Finn. See how fast they turn on Rachel.

  • Jordan

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