Michelle Obama’s Democratic National Convention Speech Earns Hollywood’s Praise

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Celebrities often reduce their fans to gushing and babbling fountains of praise, but who makes the celebrities gush and babble?

Apparently, it’s First Lady Michelle Obama, whose emotional speech at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday prompted an outpouring of florid, flattering tweets from people usually on the receiving end of such mushy missives.

Even the political pundits, who’ve seen it all and are frequently bored by such speeches, seemed bowled over. According to the Huffington Post, the First Lady’s speech drew praise from MSNBC and Fox News alike, though the Fox News pundits liked only the personal parts of the speech, not the political points.

Former Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer was the only one who didn’t seem impressed, saying, “Some speeches are much more effective in a hall of zealots.”

Here’s a sampling of what the stars had to say about Mrs. Obama’s speech.





















Clay Aiken, who got in trouble over his GOP convention tweets last week, didn’t let that stop him from making a slightly off-color observation this week:

And funnyman Michael Ian Black thought she’d fared better than Sarah Palin:


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