‘Pitch Perfect’ Star Skylar Astin Praises Lea Michele: She Makes Everything on ‘Glee’ Look Seamless (EXCLUSIVE)

Think starring in a film like Pitch Perfect or TV show Glee is easy? Think again.

Pitch Perfect’Skylar Astin– who starred in the Broadway play Spring Awakening with friend Lea Michele– told Celebuzz he realized during filming he didn’t give enough credit to how hard the Glee beauty has it.

So what did he text her from set?

“There’s a lot of moments in these kinds of movies or TV shows when you’re filming where you have to do a lot of reactionary things,” said Astin. “Sometimes the music isn’t finished and you have to play pretend in a way, like you’re putting on a play or a musical.”

“I can relate so much to that, but I texted Lea and was like, ‘I do not give you enough credit how you make everything seem so seamless on your show,'” praised Astin. “I think she’s phenomenal on Glee, the show is great, but I really have a different appreciation for what [she does.]”

Another person he gives props to: costar Anna Kendrick (who has great chemistry with Skylar in the film.)

“I read with her and was kind of nervous…she’s such a good actress,” continued Astin. “I went up to her before we started and [said], ‘Is it okay if I touch you during the scene?’ I dunno what’s okay. It’s a chemistry read…’Hey, I’m going to pretend to be in love with you!'”

“I was so thrilled to get to work with her,” raved Astin. “It’s one of those things that drew me to the project.”

Get more from Skylar in the video above. Pitch Perfect hits theaters October 5.

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