Amanda Bynes Hit-and-Run: DMV Suspends Actress’ Driver’s License (REPORT)

Amanda's DUI Mugshot
Amanda Bynes arrested for drinking & driving.
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Amanda Bynes Charged
Amanda Bynes charged with two hit-and-runs.
Amanda Bynes is officially off the road.

The She’s The Man star’s driver’s license has been suspended by the California Department of Motor Vehicles, according to the Los Angeles Times. Though it is unclear the specific reason behind the suspension, the news comes after the 26-year-old was charged with two hit-and-runs this week.


On Wednesday, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office confirmed to Celebuzz that the charges had been filed.

“Amanda Bynes has been charged with two counts of hit-and-run,” a spokesman said. ”The case was filed yesterday.”

The incidents certainly aren’t Bynes’ only brush with the law: On April 6, she was arrested for a DUI after she side-swiped a police cruiser. The actress spent the night in jail, with bail set at $5,000.

In August, the former Nickelodeon starlet was involved in yet another hit-and-run accident, causing prosecutors to re-open Bynes’ previous case and file charges against her.

Celebuzz confirmed the actress is due in the Van Nuys Superior Court on Sept. 27.

If convicted on both counts, Bynes faces up to six months in jail and a $1000 fine for each charge.

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