‘Cougar Town’ Star Ian Gomez Says Show Will Be More ‘Risque’ on TBS (VIDEO)

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The cougars will tune up their roars on next season of TBS’ Cougar Town — according to one of its stars, Ian Gomez.

“We’ve noticed it in the scripts, we can push it a little further — so that’s great,” Gomez told Celebuzz at Tuesday’s premiere of The Words, in Hollywood.

Why is Cougar Town able to push the boundaries on TBS?

“We used to be on ABC, they’re owned by the Disney corporation. They’re a very family organization,” Gomez said. “So, we could only get away with so much.”

“A little risque — the language, the situations, references to sex, references to incest, which is so funny — but if it’s with people on the show, it’s OK. In real life, it’s not funny,” Gomez explained.

Cougar Town migrated from ABC to TBS after it became clear it wouldn’t get picked up on its original network. Its last episode was broadcast on ABC in May, wrapping up the show’s third season. It returns with Season 4 in January 2013.

While basic cable offers more creative possibilities, it may offer limitations on pay and resources.

In an environment when even the kids are getting $70,000 an episode on ABC’s Modern Family, executive producer Courteney Cox and co. — including Gomez — may be living on borrowed time — and less money — with the TV show on TBS.

“We haven’t renegotiated for more money. We’re happy we got another season,” Gomez told Celebuzz.

“After this, I don’t know if we’re going to have another season. We’re happy we’re back on the air with TBS.”

He joked, “Next season, we’re getting big bucks.”

So what form is the compensation coming in?

Illegal narcotics, Gomez jokes, instead of money.

“We’re getting more cocaine on Cougar Town,”  Gomez said. “We’re not getting money, we’re getting actual drugs. In baggies. But, they’re like the nice thick baggies. Not the cheap ones. They’re Ziplock.”

David Arquette — Cox’s ex-husband and father of their daughter, Coco, and an executive producer on the show — guest-starred last year, even after the couple split.

And Arquette continues to be a presence on set — bringing Coco to see her mom in action.

He may be back this season, Gomez hints.

“He was hanging around last week, with Coco, their daughter,” he said of Arquette. “He was looking good, feeling good, so hopefully.” Coco, 8, also seems to have inherited her parents’ show biz bug.

“Coco will come by and yell, ‘Action!’ Then, ‘Cut!'” Gomez said.

“She was born to be a director. She has talented parents. I’m sure she will be directing next season.”

Are you going to watch Cougar Town next season — or has the show jumped the shark? Does its being risque make you want to watch?