Kellie Pickler’s Cancer Fighting Friend on ‘Idol’ Alum’s Decision to Shave Hair: ‘That’s the Kind of Person Kellie Is’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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Kellie Pickler surprised the world this week when she traded her long blonde locks for a bald head.

The country star, 26, said goodbye to her signature tresses in solidarity with her best friend, Summer Holt Miller, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in June and starting chemotherapy treatments this week.

Miller, 36, told Celebuzz the drastic makeover was not meant to be taken seriously.

“I asked Kellie, ‘So are you going to shave your head with me?'” said Miller. “Kellie said, ‘I don’t want you to be alone and I’m not going to let you do this alone.’”

Miller said she stressed to the Idol alum that she was “kidding,” but in the end Pickler “just said, ‘Of course I will.”

Pickler and Miller documented the buzz-cutting experience on Good Morning America on Wednesday.

Even though she was shocked at her willingness at first, Miller wasn’t all that surprised by Pickler’s selflessness.

“That’s just the kind of person she (Kellie) is,” she gushed.

“Everyone knows her as the American Idol star, but I just know her as Kellie. She is my little sister first. I always wanted a sister.”

Pickler, who is married to another country crooner Kyle Jacobs, has been best friends with Miller since they met as children in a beauty pageant. But they became even closer after Pickler’s grandmother passed away.

“I’m sure you are familiar with her American Idol story and how her mother is not in her life. So after her grandmother died, the lord brought her to me,” Miller said.

“She even calls my mom her mom and gets offended if I am not referred to as her sister.”

The two bonded by turning an act of love into a call of action for all women.

“If there is one thing to take away from this it’s that my purpose is to make sure that young women do not hesitate to get mammograms. They are the only thing we have (for preventing breast cancer),” Miller told Celebuzz.

Pickler confessed on Facebook that the moment she shaved her locks was a “life-changing day.”

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