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It was a first-a-palooza on MTV’s Video Music Awards on Thursday. First-time host, actor and comedian Kevin Hart, helmed the show from Los Angeles’ Staples Center.

And several musicians returned to the awards show to debut their first televised performances of new songs, including Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys, Lil Wayne, Pink, and Green Day.

And in true MTV fashion, new artists One Direction, Frank Ocean, 2 Chainz and Calvin Harris made their first VMA appearances.

Those were certainly highlights of the show, but what made Celebuzz’s list of the best (and worst) moments of this year’s VMAs?

Oh, where do we start? Our list includes Rihanna’s confident win for Video of the Year – talk about “Cockiness” (and we love it). Other awesome moments for us included Alicia Keys' performance of “Girl On Fire” with an unexpected cameo from Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas and then there was an appearance by Korean Internet sensation Psy.

Then, there were some awkward moments like Robert Pattinson and the Twilight cast’s appearance sans Kristen Stewart, Rebel Wilson’s shirt-dress that suggested way too much was going on down under and the feeling that we weren’t quite getting the funny from host Hart.

Take a look at our 10 Best (and worst) moments of the VMAs.

1. Bun in the oven for Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose Beyonce and Jay-Z have nothing to fear her when it comes to having their pregnancy announcement overshadowed. During the pre-show, Khalifa and Rose finally confirmed her pregnancy. One look at that belly and we wonder if that was even necessary.

2. Rihanna Says, "I Got This," Without Saying It After losing a few categories during the show, sometimes it’s the big one that really matters. After Rihanna was named the winner for Video of the Year, she stood up proudly and whipped her head around to say, “That’s right. I got this.”

3. One Direction-The Wanted question answered There was some buildup to the award for New Artist pitting boy bands One Direction and The Wanted against each other. All that was laid to rest when 1D took the prize. The Wanted may need a new name.

4. Rebel Wilson shows much is going down under. Avert your eyes. We warned you! The Pitch Perfectactress certainly lived up to her name when she presented with The Wanted wearing a shirt-dress that suggested the lawn needed mowing.

5. Twilight cast appear sans Kristen Stewart Awk-ward. Video rants are being uploaded as we speak after Pattinson appeared with members of the Twilight cast without his co-star and verified cheating ex, Kristen Stewart. Common sense wins over movie promotion… this time.

6. Gabby Douglas is head-over-heels for Alicia Keys The little Olympian extends her winning spotlight by doing some tumbling passes through Keys’ performance of the aptly titled, “Girl On Fire.”

7. Taylor Swift is feeling "Red" Another poor guy feels the wrath of a woman scorned. Pretty in red, Swift performed “We Are Never Getting Back Together” and says that it’s about someone she dated in the last two years. Jake Gyllenhaal, possibly?

8. Kevin Hart: Not funny or Just Too Fast? There were some mixed reviews on Twitter about Hart’s hosting humor. We couldn’t decide if he was just totally dying up there or if he was talking way too fast for us to understand his jokes – or both?

9. Pink gets mouthy We feel Pink. We love anything Pink releases. But, there was some rumbling among viewers that she could've spent a bit more on her VMA performance. Dancing lips may not have been the biggest bang for your buck, Pink.

10. Psy shows Kevin Hart how to steal a show The Korean Internet sensation woke us up just in time for Green Day by appearing on the show with his trademark horse dance. Oh, MTV, maybe he should have hosted? As we saw, his English is pretty good-ish.

What made you cheer? And what you cringe? Tell us in the comments section below.



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  • Ryan

    Not funny.

  • hihu

    uuughh.. so go say that in her picture, not her you dick.

  • hihu

    Actually he was funny, he didn't attack anybody, he actually said to move on about people's mistakes...

  • lovli

    miley's hair looks way better than this!

  • courtneybaaaby

    fuck look at her body, even after having a baby! hot

  • Abigail Field
    Abigail Field


  • Madeleine Tector
    Madeleine Tector

    I thought this years show was alright, some very good performances, Alicia Keyes and Pink were great and so was Taylor Swift, she is not my favorite but I liked her act this year. When I first turned on the TV and saw and heard Kevin Hart my first thought was to turn off the TV, he was loud an not funny. He was a terrible host and I don't know why this show has such trouble getting a decent host, maybe if they picked a musical host they would be better off, it is a music awards show after all and Kevin Hart seemed to think this was his gig and it was all about him. it wasn't, next time the TV goes off. There was another guy singing , I don't know who he was , he sang low and then falsetto, I got the impression he was African but I dont' think he was, he really was bad. terrible. All the great talent out there and we have to listen ot someone who can't sing? You had some good talent on and I enjoyed it for the most part but Russel Brand was not a good host either, you have to get better hosts and ditch the wannabes who have no talent and are so loud it hurts and we'll be good to go.