MTV Video Music Awards 2012: The Good, The Bad and The Crazy Outfits of Awards’ Past (GALLERY)

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The MTV VMAs red carpet fashion is always unpredictable.

Whether it’s an exposed rear or taxidermy-inspired headwear, the music crowd never disappoints. We can’t wait to see who stands out this year!

Celebs like Rihanna and Beyonce have impressed us with their perfect mix of sexy glamour in the past, while other stars have stood out for their serious fashion flops. Take Lil’ Kim, who is known for showing skin, but made headlines in 2009 for sporting just a pasty, or Kesha’s DIY dress made out of trash bags from Home Depot that quickly became one of the 2010 award’s most notorious ensembles.

Then there’s Lady Gaga, whose otherworldly costumes (if we may call them that), seamlessly confuse and yet amaze us, which is why we’re psyched to see what she has in store for us tonight.

How about you — who are you most excited to see on the red carpet at tonight’s VMAs?

This year’s awards should be sure to bring the fashion fun with performances by Taylor Swift, Pink, and Nicki Minaj.

We can’t wait to see what these ladies show up in tonight, and here’s hoping that some of them end up on our list of most outrageous outfits tomorrow!

Regardless of what the red carpet brings, we’ll be there to size up everyone’s over-the-top looks and bring you all the hottest looks and most outrageous moments.

In the meantime, here’s a trip down memory lane as we recap some of the best, worst and wackiest red carpet moments in MTV VMA history. Don’t miss this year’s show Thursday, Sept 6 at 8 PM on MTV.

Check out the fashion faux pas and favorites in the gallery above and tell us what you think of our picks.