Russell Crowe and 14 Other Extreme Body Transformations for Movies (GALLERY)

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Actors are always under the microscope when it comes to packing on the pounds -- but sometimes sacrificing their health -- and good looks -- comes with the job.

Take Russell Crowe, for example. The 48-year-old Aussie was recently rescued by U.S. Coast Guard when he lost his way kayaking in the waters off New York's Long Island. However, it wasn't his dramatic rescue most people were talking about -- it was his dramatic weight gain.

Crowe is currently filming Darren Aronofsky's Noah, and the actor apparently needed to gain some weight for the role. This isn't the actor's first time he's packed on the pounds for a film. He gained a whopping 63 pounds for 2008's Body of Lies, completely doing away with his lean, muscular Gladiator physique.

Who else needed to gain -- or lose -- weight for a role? Click through the gallery above to find out.

George Clooney stunned his female fans when he put on 30 pounds for the 2005 flick Syriana. Meanwhile, Charlize Theron also gained 30 pounds to portray real-life serial killer Aileen Wuornos in 2003's Monster. Theron's dedication to the role won her the Academy Award for best actress.

Some stars have had to drastically shed the pounds for their dream roles.

Christian Bale lost 63 pounds for The Machinist. His daily diet consisted of only water, one cup of coffee and an apple.

Who else? Check out the gallery and then weigh in on the weigh in that surprised you the most!



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  • Dubious

    That's photo on the right is of Colin Farrell in 'Triage".

  • Bloomin obvious
    Bloomin obvious

    Umm yes clearly it aint Orlando

  • Nadsack clakclak
    Nadsack clakclak

    This movie is clearly the fighter, not the machinist!

  • Blake

    Its the MACHINIST, not the fighter. WTF?!

  • suefeng

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  • colin

    chris bale lost weight for the machinist not the fighter

  • frank

    This is the 3rd mistake I have seen. I am starting to doubt the credibility of the writers of this website

  • frank

    Batman Begins was made in 2005 not 2008

  • Liz

    Orlando also turned into Colin Farrel. Pretty impressive Orlando, pret-ty impressinve.

  • Kyle

    That's definitely Colin Ferrell. FAIL.

  • Yo Duh
    Yo Duh

    The movie was called The Machinist, not The Fighter.