Courtney Robertson Will Have a Huge Wedding to ‘Bachelor’ Ben Flajnik, She Says (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Courtney Robertson and Ben Flajnik are finally feeling a sense of freedom six months after their whirlwind courtship on ABC’s The Bachelor.

The model told Celebuzz exclusively at the In Touch Idols & Icons MTV VMA After Party Sept. 7 that she and her fiance are “really happy right now.”

Robertson also dished about how far along the couple is in their wedding planning: “We’re not far along at all. We’re enjoying things the way they are now.”

But there’s already one thing that Robertson and Flajnik have decided on — the headcount.

So how many people will the future-Flajniks expect at their wedding?

“I thought it would be about 200 people,” explained Robertson, “but now it’s looking more like 300. Oh my goodness, that’s a lot!” she said.

Robertson blames the booming guest list on Flajnik claiming “he’s got a lot of friends.” As far as other details of the wedding planning go, Robertson said they haven’t decided on anything yet and are still in the honeymoon phase of their relationship.

Things have smoothed over since Robertson’s dramatic stint on the hit reality show. Since being one of the most despised contenders in Bachelor history, her housemates have since reached out to clear the air and are now all on speaking terms.

“It was really only three girls and the other girls I was fine with — (and) they reached out not too long ago,” she revealed. Robertson was at the event with former co-star Casey Shteamer, who Robertson calls her “best friend from the show.”

Maybe since all the girls have now reconciled they’ll be invited to the Flajnik wedding? If so, let’s hope ABC airs the nuptials to capture all the awkward moments as they unfold.


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