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Skyfall has yet to be released, but James Bond fans will be happy to know that Daniel Craig will star as the famous spy for at least two more films, confirms Deadline.

The actor originally signed on for three films when he took on the role nearly a decade ago, but with the hype surrounding the forthcoming Bond flick Skyfall (Craig’s third to date), producers most likely want to keep the team behind lucrative franchise intact.

And for those of you keeping score, Craig’s total of five Bond films would make him the third longest-serving 007, behind Sean Connery and Roger Moore, who both played the tuxedo-clad spy seven times.

What did Craig have to say about the pressures of sustaining the beloved Bond franchise? 

In a recent interview with the British edition of Esquire, Craig offered an explanation for the appeal of the Bond franchise, which has now endured through 50 years, 24 films, and six lead actors.

“I think what’s always fantastic about the Bond stories is that there’s always a darkness involved, but it’s a darkness with a sense of humor,” he told the magazine. “A black humor. It’s about danger, but a good danger, because you’re in the hands of somebody who’s saying ‘F–k you’ to risk, ‘F–k you’ to dying.”

Of course — as a movie franchise hero named Peter Parker had to find out the hard way — with great power comes great responsibility. And Craig certainly feels the weight of responsibility when it comes to 007.

“Bond movies live or die on their popularity,” he told Esquire. “They force you to care about what people think. And I’m involved [in the films] on a very deep level. I have it in my mind all the time … So there’s that kind of pressure, and that’s an enemy in any art form, acting especially.”

Directed by Sam Mendes, Skyfall is slated for a November 9 release in the U.S.