Kendall and Kylie Jenner Talk About the Pressures of Fame: ‘There is No Room for Mistakes’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Kylie Jenner has talked candidly for the first time about the pressures she and her sister Kendall face growing up in the public eye.

As the youngest of the Kardashian clan — Kylie is 15 and Kendall is 16 — the Jenner sisters have grown up before the world’s eyes on Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Kylie told Celebuzz exclusively that it is not easy being a teenager in a celebrity family.

“It has definitely been hard, like, we are obviously so appreciative,” Kylie said.

But would the girls want to step put of the spotlight?

Speaking on the red carpet at The Beverly Center in Los Angeles for Fashion’s Night Out, Kylie said the sisters would not change a thing about their famous lives.

“I would never want to change, I know Kendall too, I never want to change our lives or switch lives or anything,” Kylie revealed

“But it is definitely hard because everyone knows everything about you.”

Kylie — who wowed the red carpet in eye-catching sequined pants teamed with a simple gray tank — said the hardest part was not being able to do the things most kids growing up do: make mistakes.

“We are kids and we’re growing up, we make mistakes and we learn from them,” she said, with her sister Kendall nodding in agreement.

“And it is just hard because there is no room for mistakes because everyone wants to pick at you for it.

“(But) we are so appreciative and we get to be role models and so its good.

“There is definitely two sides to it.”

The sisters certainly proved Kylie’s point, taking to the stage to screams from fans who look up to their winning fashion sensibilities.

The night was also a celebration for Kendall who served as the face of the Beverly Center’s Fashion’s Night Out event.

Earlier this year, the 16-year-old posed for a series of billboards to promote the worldwide event.