Kristin Chenoweth Says She’s Still ‘Issue-Ridden’ After On-Set Accident (VIDEO)

Chenoweth goes home
The actress is released from the hospital following her accident.
Chenoweth returns to set
The actress returns to 'The Good Wife' after her accident.
For the first time since her horrific accident on the set of CBS’ The Good Wife, Kristin Chenoweth made stepped into the public eye with an appearance on Live! with Kelly and Michael.

The Broadway star chatted with co-hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan about her neck injury, revealing she’s on the mend but still “issue ridden.”

“I have a skull fracture, and a rib issue and a neck issue and a hip issue,” Chenoweth explained. “I’m just issue-ridden. But I’m getting better and I wear my neck brace on and off and I’m trying to build these muscles back up but this [her head] is healing.”

How does she describe the accident and her recovery thus far?

Chenoweth sustained multiple injuries after lighting equipment attached to metal rods fell into her. “It knocked me in the face and slammed me down to the ground,” she recalled. “We were shooting outside for The Good Wife and the back of my head got hit on a curb so I was out cold.”

“I woke up to the EMT workers,” she continued. “Josh Charles (who plays Will Gardner on the CBS drama)…was holding my hand. He’s my angel…. And then I woke up in Bellevue [Hospital] and then I saw a lot of prisoners attached to their gurneys and I thought ‘Oh, the police are all here to see me.’ No they were there for the criminals.”

Joking with Ripa about the clothes she was in when she woke up, the diminutive star said, “I was wearing my outfit from The Good Wife. I think I might have stayed in it a couple of days. They gave it to me, which I thought was nice.”

“If this is what you got to do for free clothes, then send another lighting piece down on my head,” Chenoweth added in jest.

Though she has had some speech and memory issues, “that’s getting better,” she revealed. “There’s still some pain and issues but I just feel like I’m so blessed and lucky and grateful because it could have been a lot worse.”

Chenoweth recently filmed a short scene with co-star Alan Cummings after temporarily leaving the show due to her injuries.

To catch Chenoweth’s entire interview, launch the videos above and below.

The Good Wife returns Sunday, Sept. 30, at 9 PM on CBS.