LeAnn Rimes to Donate Proceeds of Cyber-Bullying Lawsuit to Charity if She Wins, Says Rep (EXCLUSIVE)

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Leann Rimes, 30, has decided to to donate the proceeds of her cyber-bullying lawsuit to charity if she wins the case, Celebuzz has been told.

“Leann had always planned on giving any proceeds from the pending lawsuits to The Trevor Project," a rep for the singer confirmed.

"This is a cause she has always been passionate about."

The country superstar announced on Aug. 30 that she was entering an in-patient treatment program for anxiety and stress.

How is Rimes doing in treatment?

Despite the drama, a pal told Celebuzz that “LeAnn is doing extremely well and very positive about the therapy she is receiving.” The friend went on to add that Rimes will “definitely come out of this a better person.”

Supporters of the women who are being sued by her are taking to Twitter to raise money for the mother and daughter duo.

“Team Smiley” — in support of Kimberly and Lexi Smiley — two of Rimes’ noteworthy detractors on Twitter — are racking up donations — and have a website in their honor collecting money for their legal costs.

Rimes is still slated to go on an 23-date American tour from October to December. She also recently announced that her next album, Spitfire, will hit the shelves early next year.

We can’t wait to see how things shake out for Leann. Voice your well wishes and opinions in our comments section below.



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  • Disgusted

    The woman she is sueing is the mother of six children. One of whom is autistic. Wow. Taking money from a stranger with income she uses to support her family to donate? How about you donate the legal fees you'll save Leanne, and stop stalking everyone who pisses you off or has an opinion you don't share. She has turned her psychotic attentions from Brandi to a middle class mother. Someone she should have ignored AS A PUBLIC FIGURE if she didn't like what she had to say.

  • Marcy

    dude you are obsessed with Leann. I've seen this exact same comment on other articles in the past. do you just copy-paste this everywhere? oh and the only people tearing Leann down is Leann. To insinuate otherwise is to project blame on others and you cant force someone to call a random hater on twitter and curse at them and wonder why people dont like you for it

  • Holly Ison
    Holly Ison

    May the Lord continue to look after LeAnn and give her the strength to over come the words out of those who do nothing but tear down her EVERY move. (bowing my head). God bless her always! Holly in East Tennessee (a day one fan of her). P.S. I can't wait to hear her new songs! (big smile)

  • gross

    Leann didn't learn a thing while she was in rehab and Celebuzz should be very ashamed for depicting her as the victim. She is back to tweeting like crazy, setting up staged photo-ops at the airport, and posting blogs. We all know what her blog will be about right? Her lawyer doesn't see how this is all about to backfire on Leann and ruin their case? This has all be a hoax orchestrated by Leann and her lawyer. What judge is going to take this seriously when the first thing Leann does is jump back on twitter and to that website? She is using the courts to promote her album.

  • Carol

    Leann Rimes is insane! She continues to let people think she is in Rehab, even though she is not. She is bullying a woman while complaining the woman bullied her. It is a known fact that Leann set up at least TWO twitters accounts to bully Brandi. How will anyone ever take her seriously? She is a freak!

  • gross

    Since some media outlets continue to post in favor of Leann knowing that what they are posting is all a lie, can't they be sued for defamation? How can , People magazine, or Huffington Post can continue to argue that Leann is the victim of cyberullying when they were provided with evidence of Leann cyberbullying and even encouraging her friends like Mateo, Darrell Brown, and her road manager? Leann's road manager made a racist comment and a DJ called out Leann and her road manager when Leann's road manager was tweeting horrible things about Brandi. I know that Celebuzz has a loyalty to Leann, but at what cost? Evidence of Leann cyberbullying and encouraging her fans and friends to do it is going to come out during the trial so then what will be the response from sites that insisted that Leann was the victim of cyberbullying? This title and article can be used in court against Leann as intimidation. Has a judge ruled in Leann's favor yet? Did the teacher and her daughter settle? So why did Leann okay an article like this? Since this would be invasion of privacy, Leann gave her rep the okay to talk to the media about the case.

  • Nate

    I'm sure IF (big IF as in this case is unwinnable from the "cyberbullying" angle given Leann's status as a public figure) she gets any money from a freaking TEACHER who makes 35k a year at most, it will be tied up for years as a TEACHER whose only crime is to record an ABUSIVE phone call she received and her friends released it once the teacher was being called a liar about the entire situation. You cannot cyberbully a celebrity in the US due to public figure status. If leann cant handle people calling her a homewrecker skank on their PRIVATE twitter accounts, she needs to retire from hollywood and become a recluse. Look at lindsay lohan, she's dealt with worse both online and been the butt of jokes for years but she's not suing random people. Never thought I'd have a higher opinion of LiLo than Leann Rimes but Leann will be lucky if whats left of her career recovers from this.

  • Penelope

    LeAnn Rimes is a severely mentally ill woman. She needs real psychiatric help, especially since she's got a cheating spouse, no career, a fan-base that has dwindled down to less than a hundred, and family members reliant on her for financial support. Her sickness is only going to get worse if she stays on this course.

  • Heather

    All LeAnn has to do to combat bullying is to stop being a mean girl herself! She should have been sued for alienation of affection herself!

  • gross

    "Did LeAnn Rimes’ ex call her out on her Twitter account?" A source tells Hot Stuff [US Weekly] that singer LeAnn Rimes, 27, had opened an unofficial Twitter account under the name Wewenlove and tweeted February 2 that it was her one year anniversary with Eddie Cibrian, 36, adding “Love him!” Not feeling the love: Her ex-husband, Dean Sheremet, who tweeted back, “You should feel proud of that… considering you were still married [to me] this time last year.” (Cibrian was also married to model Brandi Glanville. Us broke the news of their affair in March 2009.) Once Sheremet called her out, “other people on Twitter ripped into her,” says the source. “She removed the account immediately!” A Rimes rep didn’t confirm the account, but said: “if you want to follow her officially, you can at Twitter.com/LeAnnRimes.” -US Weekly Leann also used this same account to stalk Brandi because Brandi had publicly expressed that Leann wouldn't allow her to attend her own son's birthday party.

  • gross

    Wow, another fluffpiece from Celebuzz, who didn't see this one coming? Why is she still giving you exclusive interviews from rehab? Everytime she gives you or People magazine an interview, she proves that this was a hoax. Leann is really milking this cyberbullying thing, and if Celebuzz had taken the time to do their homework they would have seen that Leann is the biggest cyberbully of all. You do know that people Leann tweets to people who say some really mean and nasty things about lesbians.Check it out. How can Leann support the Trevor Project when she hangs out with people who hate like that? Leann can't be doing well in treatment because what celeb gives an interview everyday of their treatment? None. Celebuzz should just stop lying, Leann is at a spa. This is why Leann is being called crazy and delusional. No one is taking this seriously because Leann is making a mockery of it by talking to Celebuzz and People magazine everday. Why isn't she focusing on her treatment? Donating means nothing because as usual it's just another thing that Leann is going to make all about her. eann is losing this case because she just doesn't know when to shut up. Did you know that Eddie's ex-mistress' (The one that NE reported that Eddie was still in contact with) car was keyed yesterday? So Leann is trying to make this woman keep quiet about her affair with Eddie by having her fans stalk and bully the woman?