‘Partners’ Stars Talk About Their Evolving Chemistry on the New CBS Comedy

'partners' at paley
The cast and creators talk friendship and controversy in their new show.
Listen folks, David Krumholtz (Numbers) REALLY wants you to watch his new CBS sitcom, Partners.

Having been on eight television series in his career, Krumholtz is used to shows not always getting the love or the chance they deserve.

However, he told Celebuzz at the Paley Center Preview Panel on Thursday in Beverly Hills, “This feels right. This feels like they’re giving it its best shot. Hopefully people tune in and love it.”

So why should you be watching Partners when it premieres?

The buddy comedy from the team behind Will & Grace, David Kohan and Max Mutchnick, is based upon the 30-plus year friendship the two creators have. Krumholtz plays Joe who is best friends and business partners with Louis (Michael Urie) and proposes to Ali (Sophia Bush) in the pilot. Brandon Routh plays Louis’ significant other, Wyatt.

Given that the basis of the show is relationships, it’s important that the cast have good chemistry, which was cleary displayed at the Paley Center during both the panel and interviews they did.

“We have great chemistry. It just sort of happened naturally,” said Krumholtz speaking of his fast growing real-life friendships with his cast mates especially Urie. “We’re all very like-minded people. The chemistry has only sort of expanded and evolved in the episodes we’ve done so far. Hopefully, people pick up on that. I think the show has gotten better and better as we go so we’ll see what happens.”

Don’t just expect to see only Krumholtz and Urie having fun together on screen. The core four of the cast has tons of scenes together as a group and in various pairings. Urie tells us, “The great thing about the show is any combination is going to be interesting.”

The cast of Partners also teased Celebuzz with hints of upcoming plot points including a game night episode, an interaction between Louis and Ali regarding a key and no shirt, and Wyatt attempting to get Joe in shape.

Bush says, “That’s where the humor comes from. It’s the shenanigans that come out of how ridiculous life can be in the silliest circumstances.”

Seriously though, give Partners a chance. Krumholtz is “begging [us] for people to watch it.”

Partners premieres Monday, Sept. 24 at 8:30 PM on CBS.

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