Ryan Lochte Plays Strip Trivia and Loses on ‘Live! With Kelly and Michael’ (VIDEO)

Lochte's TV Tour
The Olympian will appear on '30 Rock' and 'E! News.'
Lochte's reality show
The swimmer reveals he's in talks with E! for his own show.
Another day and Olympic champion Ryan Lochte is on TV again. On Friday, the swimmer, who won five medals at the summer Olympics in London, participated in the Live! with Kelly and Michael’s “Challenge with the Champions.”

For his challenge, the stud had to participate in strip trivia along with the two co-hosts. “Sink or Swim” trivia asked Lochte, Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan to answer questions about water ranging from hard (“What was the first ship to have a heated pool?”) to easy (“How do you spell ‘pool’?”). A wrong answer equaled losing one of your articles of clothing.

So how did Lochte lose the challenge?

After answering two questions wrong, Lochte was the first of the three to strip down to his trunks and get in the dunk tank. Though he was able to answer his first question about the heated pool correctly (FYI, it was the Titanic.), he could not name the person the bikini was named after or how many pounds a gallon of water weighed.

Strahan also ended up in the dunk tank even though he didn’t lose the game.

In addition to Lochte’s attempt at strip trivia, the Olympian talked about his training and dating. Ladies, he says that he isn’t seeing anyone at the moment.Once again, he also clarified the statements his mother made about his love life and his tendency to have one-night stands.

He told Ripa, “She had no idea. When I heard about this I called her and was like ‘Mom, what are you doing to me?’ I was like ‘Mom, you just said I go out on one night stands. Do you know what that means?’ and she said ‘Yeah, you just go out on dates because you don’t have time to have a relationship.’ She had no idea. “

Lochte has recently been doing a TV tour of sorts, filming cameos on 30 Rock and 90210 as well as acting as a fashion correspondent for E! News during New York Fashion Week.

To see Lochte get dunked be sure to watch the video below.

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