The Wanted Release New Single ‘I Found You’ (AUDIO)

Meet The Wanted!
Find out all about the British boy band that's climbing charts.
The Wanted may not have walked away with a Moonman at Thursday night’s MTV Video Music Awards, but that’s not stopping the UK boy band from trying to score one at next year’s ceremony.

The band has released its new single “I Found You,” which was written and produced by Steve Mac – the same man behind their global smash “Glad You Came.” While the dance-heavy track shares some similarities with its predecessor, it ultimately sounds like nothing else on the radio.

Holy falsettos, boys! 

Nathan Sykes, the youngest member of The Wanted, arguably steals the track in the bridge, as he soulfully croons, “I said, people / We’re all looking for love tonight / But sometimes we can’t see it / We run by and find the love.”

It’s almost as if Sykes is saying, “Let’s see you try to do that, Harry Styles.”

“I Found You,” the lead track off The Wanted’s forthcoming album, officially drops in November. Head over to Direct Lyrics for the song’s full lyrics.

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