LeAnn Rimes Shines in Wisconsin: Singer Delivers ‘Emotional’ First Performance Since Treatment (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS)

she's back!
LeAnn Rimes Was Bullied
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LeAnn Rimes made a grand return to the stage on Friday, just days after entering a treatment program. And Celebuzz has your exclusive look at the 30-year-old’s show, held at the Eau Claire Regional Arts Center in Wisconsin.

Rimes, who performed in a relaxed tank, tights and boots, appeared “emotional” during the show, a source tells Celebuzz.

She also talked “once in between the first couple songs for fan support,” the source adds.

Rimes, who is taking a quick break from her 30-day program, will make two more stops in the Midwest this weekend.

The singer is due in Iowa on Saturday, followed by a show in Indiana on Sunday.

According to People, Rimes assured the crowd in Wisconsin on Friday that she was "totally cool and so happy; I think I'm about to cry."

Her 14-song set, which lasted for about 70 minutes, included material from her upcoming album, Spitfire.

"I'm pissed of at a lot of things, and I just can't say it . . . so, it comes out in the music," Rimes said during the show, People reports.

After the show, Rimes took to Twitter to write the following to her fans:


On Aug. 29, the country singer checked into a treatment center for what her rep called “anxiety” and difficulty with “coping mechanisms.”

Later that day, Rimes’ attorney filed suit in a California court. The suit claims that two women, identified as Kimberly and Lexi Smiley, harassed the singer on Twitter, and illegally recorded a phone call and distributed it on the internet.

As Celebuzz reported on Friday, Rimes will return to in-patient treatment after her weekend shows.

Click through the gallery above for exclusive photos of Rimes’ performance in Wisconsin.




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  • gross

    For instance the Leann fans who troll these sites calling people names, writing passive aggressive comments like this, and writing "Get a life" under several different names to people who comment on Leann's antics that she made public? You do know that Celebuzz and People magazine haven't been completely honest? Leann is a cyberbully and has encouraged her fans to cyberbully, but since this didn't fit well in the "Leann is the victim story...please by her album and single and ignore that her husband is cheating on her" anti-fairytale, it was left out?

  • Sick Itten
    Sick Itten

    On one of the other threads, someone mentioned that Smiley has an autistic child. Before reading that I suspected that those involved & obsessing on LeAnn Rimes are either crazy or may suffer from Asperger's Syndrome. The OCD displayed by some of the commenters is off the charts as well. May be a good idea to find an online screening test for some.

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  • danie

    she is the queen of bullying and she is saying that she is being bullied. Well, what can you expect from someone who broke two marriages (hers and eddie's).

  • Lisa

    She is a strong woman! Good for her, More power to her.

  • Holly Ison
    Holly Ison

    May the Lord continue to look after LeAnn and give her the strength to over come the words out of those who do nothing but tear down her EVERY move. (bowing my head). God bless her always! Holly in East Tennessee (a day one fan of her). P.S. I can't wait to hear her new songs! (big smile)

  • gross

    @Happy(aka Gayle) Says the poster who is trolling sites writing posts telling people to get a life and name calling because people are not writing positive responses to Leann's latest pr stunt. You are too angry over nothing! Would hate to meet you anywhere on the planet! Did you key Eddie's mistress' car on Friday? You can keep writing all these posts blaming everyone all you want GAYLE, but they won't change the fact that Leann's latest pr stunt has backfired on her immensily. This is not out of line or off the wall. This is exactly what people are thinking. Why do you think that her concert didn't get a lot of attendance last night? Because people are tired of her lies and attention seeking. Instead of trolling these sites insulting people for not "loving" Leann, perhaps you should find some place to check in and get some help. Leann was wrong. She has no one to blame but herself. It's not a good idea to blast the internet with stories, photos, and tweets when she has only had 6 days of treatment.

  • Disgusted

    Yes she is sooooo mad she is FORCED to PERSECUTE a middle class mother of six children for DARING to record an incident where LEANN RIMES stalked and bullied HER. I guess Brandi's lawyers must have made it clear that no more stalking of HER would be tolerated, so now she is moving on to random twitter strangers and bullying them? Clearly whatever "treatment" they are giving her at the funny farm is not working. Hope Eddie is having fun this weekend without this unstable trick.

  • Happy

    Wow, you are so out of line & off the wall. Maybe you should "check in" & get some help. You are too angry over nothing! Would hate to meet you anywhere on the planet!

  • gross

    @Gayle You are mental. Why don’t you get a life of your own instead trolling websites telling people to get a life! Who does that?

  • gayle

    You are mental. Why don't you get a life of your own.

  • gross

    It's not being in "rehab" that is driving her fans away, it's 1) The fact that Leann has constantly being courting the media since she entered "rehab". How many articles has Celebuzz and People written about Leann since she entered treatment? Which is odd because other celebs who have went to rehab don't keep giving exclusive interviews during treatment. 2) Celebuzz and People magazine's dishonesty. Celebuzz and People magazine refuse to acknowlegde or even state that Leann has been the leader in cyberbullying. She started it with the WEWENLOVE account. Leann has a low turnout at her concert, and they remove that part from the article. Why? 3) Leann is using this lawsuit to scare other blogs and tabloids into posting only nice things about her. Notice how no matter what lies CB and PM write, no one challenges them? Even though it's clear that they are lying? 4) She is using the cyberbullying angle to hide the fact that Eddie is cheating on her. 5) Hypocrisy. She says she is bullied about the affair but then gives a concert where she sings about her affair? 6) CB and PM flaunt these articles without a care on how they can be used against Leann in the lawsuit. 7) Excessive famewhoring. Why is she tweeting and she has only had 6 days of treatment?

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    Liam Derbishire

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  • gross

    Why is Celebuzz being dishonest? While these fluffpieces may be working on keeping other media outlets from posting criticusm of Leann, these fluffpieces are causing her fans to steer clear of her. From Leader-Telegram: Rimes pours out her heart in song "The Eau Claire Regional Art Center was about two-thirds full. Perhaps word of her entrance into rehab made people decide to stay home."

  • gross

    Did she? Why has Celebuzz and People magazine been so dishonest throughout this entire ordeal? Why not just tell everyone that you and People mag are only writing this fluffpiece because Leann's concert had a very low turnout? Leann is only "shining" because she pays Celebuzz and People magazine to maintain her lies. Because Leann has been giving Celebuzz and People magazine all these interviews, no one believes that she is in rehab. Everyone thinks it's all a hoax, especially since he went back to tweeting rigtht after he was released and of course CB and PM are putting her tweets in the articles like they are praising this behavior. These articles are too biased and they never address Leann's bad behavior. Leann whined about how she was getting bullied for her affair with Eddie, so why would she then go to a concert and sing songs in which she talks about how she was sleeping with Eddie while he was still married to Brandi? Everyone of these articles can be used against Leann in her lawsuit. I wonder why Celebuzz and People magazine keep ignoring the fact that Leann has cyberbullied? Ask Leann and her lawyer about WEWENLOVE.