'Drop Dead Diva's' Margaret Cho Talks Season Finale, Wanting Jane and Grayson Together (Q&A)

"I always thought that was the right thing."
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Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva took a few turns this past season as the characters explored their personal and professional passions. Plus, Jane (Brooke Elliott) finally moved on from pining for Grayson (Jackson Hurst) and prepared to marry Owen (Lex Medlin) on Sunday’s season finale.

But in true Diva season finale fashion, Jane and Owen’s nuptials won’t come without a few complications. “In a lot of ways, Jane is trying to make this work in this framework,” Margaret Cho, who plays resourceful assistant Teri, tells Celebuzz.

“It’s tough and a pretty intense experience," she continues. "So, I think viewers are going to be really surprised.”

Cho, who’s up for an Emmy for 30 Rock and currently touring America with her "Mother" show, spoke with Celebuzz about the season finale, her personal thoughts on the show’s romances and what she’d like to see for Teri if the show gets a fifth season.

Celebuzz: It looks like Grayson may finally tell Jane how he feels on the season finale. What can you say about that? Margaret Cho: Yeah, it comes to a head. It’s crazy intense. So, I think people are going to be really excited. For me, it’s what I’ve been waiting for from these characters for years!

CB: Do you personally think that Jane and Grayson should be together? MC: Yeah, absolutely. I always thought that was the right thing. And then again, the story of the show is that you can’t have what you want. It’s kind of like on Grey’s Anatomy, how [Meredith and Derek] were together and then it took years to get back together.

CB: Teri is a bridesmaid at the wedding, but does she get to do anything else? MC: No, but it’s a big deal. It’s a big wedding. She was briefly impersonating Jane to get her the wedding caterer. So, she’s been a part of the whole thing from the beginning.

CB: In real life, weddings are a big affair. Did it feel like a real wedding when you were shooting the season finale? MC: It doesn’t feel like you’re shooting a wedding, because you shoot it out of sequence and also we’re on a set. Actually we were at the St. Regis hotel, which is like a nice hotel, and they wouldn’t let us sit on the couches. That’s how you know it isn’t a real wedding. I think it’s just what fans would like it to be. I’m really super excited that people are going to be blown away by it.

CB: Also, Fred is back on the season finale. What can you tell us about his return? MC: Oh, it’s a really great moment. I love Fred and I love Ben [Feldman], the person, he’s really my good friend. So, it’s exciting to have him back and he’s nominated for an Emmy for supporting actor for Mad Men. So, he’s doing pretty well.

CB: You were able to explore Teri’s musical side with Lady Bodacious this season. Does that make a comeback on the finale? MC: Not in the finale, but I definitely love doing all that stuff. I’m a musician, so it made sense to me and it was really a fun thing. So, I’m really excited.

CB: If the show gets another season, what do you want for Teri? MC: Teri needs a boyfriend, I think. She’s definitely Teri for Teri’s sake – there’s never a man involved there. But, that’s my idea for Teri. It hasn’t happened yet, but I really think it’s an important thing… I’d love to see her have a relationship.

CB: What kind of girlfriend would Teri be? MC: I think she’d be really, really needy. You know, like super-suspicious that they’re cheating [laughs].

CB: Drop Dead Diva does the best season finale cliffhangers. How do you think people are going to feel at the end of this one? MC: I think people are going to be so psyched for next season. That’s how I felt after I read it. I was like, “Oh my God, what’s going to happen?!” I love that. And I love that it inspires that kind of feeling in me and I’m there making it. So, I think that everybody is going to be really excited.

The Drop Dead Diva Season 4 finale airs Sunday at 9 PM on Lifetime. Kelly Osbourne and Chelsea Kane guest star on the season finale. Watch the sneak peeks below.

Do you want Jane and Grayson together? Or are you rooting for Owen? Sound off in the comments section below.





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  • JoAnn

    Quit making Owen have heart attacks! You've got to be kidding. Owen is perfect for Jane and Grayson is in love with Deb..not Jane. He keeps Debs picture. If he loved Jane, the picture would be gone. Owen is adorable and perfect for Jane. What's with the kiss? Grayson has no show of feelings for Jane. He only started showing "feelings" when he was told Jane was Deb. Where does that show he loves Jane?

  • Pekoe

    I LOVE Owen and I really hate the way this season ended. I fear for next season, without the adorable Owen and in his place an angry, vindictive Jane. Grayson is just a pretty blah character compared to Owen, and I'm so sad about it.

  • JENN

    GRAYSON! Owen doesn't fit Jane/Deb's personality! Grayson was suppose to fall in love with Jane, and he did, Deb made sacrifices and its clear to see that she is still in love with Grayson! Grayson all the way!

  • Jody

    Grayson! Doesn't anyone remember that Fred told Jane she could never divulge she was really Deb in Jane's body unless/until Grayson fell in love with Jane, and isn't that what Grayson revealed in the finale?

  • Sly

    Team Grayson!

  • silky

    I also prefer Owen to Grayson

  • silky

    I thought the story line was that Deb and Jane switched bodies. So why is the old Jane in her own body??

  • Vickie

    I like Owen but I have always wanted Jane and Grayson to get together. However, I am afraid that the show will end when that happens. I love the show.

  • Nic

    Owen...I love him! I used to want her with Grayson but once she started seeing Owen, I pretty much forgot about Grayson.

  • mom2 12paws
    mom2 12paws

    I love Owen, I think he is so much better than Grayson - a much stronger personality. Grayson is like Dudley Do-Right and Deb is like Nell, but Jane is a stronger Deb and should be with the stronger Owen.. but then there would be no story line. I think Owen is hot and needs to stay.

  • D

    My neighbor and I both think Owen is great and has been a wonderful addition to the cast. The show needs him,his sense of humor and well, it just needs him to round out the show. Not quite sure how I feel about the ending tonight.