Kristen Stewart Speaks Out on ‘Breaking Dawn’ Finale: Promotion Will Be ‘Totally Fine’

"We're Going To Be Fine"
<<enter caption here>> on September 6, 2012 in Toronto, Canada.
Kristen's 'On the Road'
The star poses with her costars amid breakup drama. Read More »
Rob and Kristen on 'EW'
The pair cuddle on cover of special 'EW' issue for final 'Twilight' film. Read More »

Kristen Stewart has a few words for the naysayers who think the upcoming Breaking Dawn red carpet appearances and promotions will be a train wreck.

“We’re going to be fine,” Stewart told The Associated Press on the weekend, following her first post-cheating scandal public appearance at the Toronto International Film Festival.

“We’re totally fine,” she added.

Whether or not the 22-year-old actress was referring to Robert Pattinson or the Twilight ride coming to an end (or anything else) is up for questioning.

Still, Stewart is back and ready to go, even if it means braving one red carpet after another.

“I was a little nervous, obviously. I’m always nervous before a red carpet,” Stewart told The Associated Press of Thursday’s Toronto premiere of her new film On The Road.

“To be honest, I was just kind of telling myself, like, just don’t black out. Be there, don’t just figuratively put your head down and barrel through it. Be there, appreciate it. Luckily, very, very much I was able to do that,” she said.

With the release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2 some two months away, Stewart and Pattinson have remained hot topics, given all the promotional material that was prepared well before her cheating scandal with Rupert Sanders made headlines.

Earlier this month, Entertainment Weekly released a sneak peak of their special Twilight issue cover, featuring Stewart and Pattinson cuddling and smiling (with Taylor Lautner delivering a cool, smoldering stare).

Meanwhile, Pattinson, 26, has maintained a calm demeanor at his own public appearances. On Thursday, the British heartthrob joined some of his Twilight co-stars to present a brand new trailer from the fifth and final film adaptation of the vampire novel series.

Do you think the upcoming Breaking Dawn promotions will be awkward for Rob and Kristen? What do you think of her comments? Share your thoughts below.




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  • Jade

    *loves her

  • Jade

    I really think they should get back together. She is beautiful, he is her male equivalent...They had such an amazing relationship...think they should keep going. She just made a mistake- she's only 22. He should forgive her :) think they'll make it. She's said sorry- he didn't deny the fact that he still lives her. They'll be perfectly fine, and dating in a few months. Mark my words!

  • just saying
    just saying

    @RebelGirl - Well I'm proud that I can spell. You missed the entire point of my post. The poster was judging Kristen based on gossip rumors. That is the part that is pathetic.

  • Haterrr

    I don't get how this is pretty yet Marilyn Monroe is a skank and a slut but THIS ugly bitch isn't

  • Abe

    She's lost excess fat and looks phenomenal. To clarify, she was never fat, but just had the look of someone who never works out.

  • Mina

    That bitch did the same thing to the boyfriend she had before Robert.

  • Claire

    I love Kristen and see her recovery, she is very dear and admired, many people support her career!!'m Proud for her to be strong and get through it!! Go Kristen!!

  • RebelGirl

    that was to 'just saying'

  • RebelGirl

    You are such a hypicrate you did exactly wat u down talked her for doin! I hope your proud of your self

  • just saying
    just saying

    Actually that is not true. It is you that needs a life. This was a nice story and you had to jump on here and bash someone you don't know - based on gossip. That is pretty pathetic. Do you judge the people in your life the same way?

  • Tom Freethesouls Zolotor
    Tom Freethesouls Zolotor

    Kirsten knows she did wrong and she needs to get a life.

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  • Elena

    I like that picture. Kristen and Robert are professionals so I think they do are going to be fine. I love them both <3