‘Married to Jonas’ Star Dina Deleasa Says Brother-In-Law Kevin Jonas’ Fans Are ‘a Strong Army’ (Q&A)

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Life was bound to change for Dina Deleasa after her sister, Danielle Deleasa, married Jonas Brothers band member Kevin Jonas. But, one would expect those changes to get multiplied exponentially after agreeing to be on E!’s new reality series, Married to Jonas. But, the Jo Bro sister-in-law says that just isn’t the case.

“Everybody has been really, really positive,” Dina, the oldest of the Deleasa girls, tells Celebuzz. “We were definitely bracing ourselves for both sides of the coin, but people have been so nice.”

“The Jonas Brothers fans are like a strong army, so they are really great,” she continued. “They are really supportive, and I have to say, I know the show has only been out for a couple weeks now but I haven’t really had any issues like going to the grocery store and there’s like people on me. Like I’ve been pretty good at being undetected at this point.”

Celebuzz spoke with Dina about life as a Jonas in-law, the issues that have arisen onscreen and what’s to come on the series.

Celebuzz: When you all were deciding on whether to do the show, were there any hesitations from you or your family?
Dina Deleasa: We definitely all had hesitations when going into this. We wanted to be supportive of Kevin and Danielle and what they wanted to do, and it took a lot of family meetings, a lot of talking, because this is something that maybe Kevin has dealt with and Kevin is used to but it’s not something that Danielle and the rest of the family are accustomed to. So, Kevin and his family have been really helpful all along the way with helping us out with any questions we had.

We just thought if we could put something positive out there, then it was worth doing. And at the end of the day, as long as we kept our family unit intact and our values intact and what we had with each other and didn’t compromise it, you know, just for TV, then we were okay and we were doing the right thing. And that’s exactly what we did. What you see is just us spending time together and how we live or as we do life.

CB: On the show, Dani is getting a lot of pressure to have a baby. What are your thoughts on that?
DD: Any newlywed, naturally, is going to get asked, “When are you going to have the baby?” That’s all just like normal talk. With Danielle and Kevin, obviously things are a little bit different because of his schedule and her lifestyle and the traveling. But, having a baby takes a lot of thought for anybody, for any couple. It’s a big life change and you shouldn’t just throw life changes to the wind and just say, “Whatever.” So, they’re doing the right thing by thinking about it and talking about it and trying to make sure they’re as ready as they could possibly be for a baby.

CB: Does it bother you when Kevin’s mom is critical of Dani like when she used paper napkins instead of cloth ones?
DD: Not really, because we know them on another level. And we really know their intentions and really know Denise’s heart and everything. And that mother-in-law/ daughter-in-law relationship is always difficult to find like your good spot where you really understand one another. At the beginning, it’s all everyone’s just taking things a certain way and interpreting things, but I know that every family is different. And, you know, Kevin’s family really loves Danielle and they really want the best for Kevin and Danielle.

And as far as us with them, it’s the same thing. They are always reaching out to us. I text message Denise and Denise text messages me that, you know, “Thinking about you. Praying about you.” So, we have a different relationship that’s on another level that might not come through necessarily on TV just yet.

CB: On the next episode, Kevin is going to be planning your birthday party. How does that work out?
DD: Kevin just always wants to do everything for everyone. He’s awesome. But, sometimes he gets himself into a little bit of trouble. He’s overzealous, but that’s part of his personality. And, yeah, he attempts to throw me a birthday party and everyone’s going to get to see how exactly he does that.

CB: So, how does Kevin do in the end?
DD: He’s very creative. He can make lemonade out of lemons, that kind of thing. He definitely can. That’s basically, I think, the biggest message, is he may mess up in the beginning, but he always pulls it out in the end.

Watch a sneak peek from Sunday’s episode above.

Married to Jonas airs Sundays at 10 PM on E!.