'Bachelor Pad' Finale Recap: Tears, Betrayals and a Proposal (VIDEO)

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Bachelor Pad season 3 came to a dramatic conclusion Monday night, when the booted contestants returned to the show to air out their dirty laundry and ultimately help choose a winner between Chris and Sarah and Nick and Rachel.

So, who won the whole shebang? And what were the best moments from the episode?

Get the full rundown after the jump.

In  a relatively clean sweep, Nick and Rachel won the vote from their former competitors, which allowed them to move on to the season's final -- and most nail-biting -- round.

As we've witnessed from past seasons, the final round forces the winning couple to decide privately whether they should share the money with each other or keep it for themselves.

If they both choose to share the money, the $250,000 is split evenly between them. If only person decides to keep the money, and the other person chooses to share it, the person who voted to keep the money gets the entire $250,000 for themselves.

However, if they both choose to keep the money, they lose out completely, and the cash prize is split evenly among the remaining contestants.


In the first two seasons, the winning couples chose to split the money evenly between themselves. Unfortunately -- for Rachel, anyway -- that didn't happen on Monday, as a bitter Nick chose to take the money and run far, far far away.

His reason: Rachel didn't even want to be his partner to begin with, not after Michael was eliminated.

"I feel like I'm an outsider," Nick explained. "I got here by myself, I did this all by myself. Rachel never wanted to be my partner ... [She] tried to leave on me three times."

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"Are you kidding me? I brought you here," Rachel fought back, before breaking down in tears. "You are a f****** schmuck."

"I'm a schmuck with $250,000," Nick said.


The two had an even bigger exchange of words backstage, which resulted in a loss of trust and, presumably, the end of a friendship.

Though it's hard to believe it, that wasn't the only thing that happened during Monday's big finale. In fact, in true Bachelor franchise fashion, there were plenty of tears, feuds -- even a proposal -- along the way.

Below, check out the five most memorable moments from the season 3 finale.

1.) Tony Proposes to Blakeley Seconds after Blakelely confirmed she's moving to Portland to be with Tony, Tony got down on one knee and proposed. To which Blakeley said, "Absolutely."

2.) Rachel, Michael Hash It Out Though romance seemed to be blossoming between Rachel and Michael during the season, their relationship apparently did a complete 180 after cameras stopped rolling. A tearful Rachel ultimately accused Michael of leading her on, saying, "I just really, really trusted you ... I thought I would be sitting up here, maybe in Blakeley and Tony's position."

3.) Chris Apologizes for His Actions Also doing a complete 180: Chris, who apologized to the panel for his manipulative actions during game play. "The game -- it go a hold of me," he confessed, adding his actions embarrassed not only himself, but his family watching at home, as well. Still, Chris said he didn't regret any of his actions. "I came here to win."

4.) Jaclyn Confronts Rachel Still reeling from Nick and Rachel's decision to bring Chris and Sarah to the finals instead of her and Ed, Jaclyn was finally able to confront Nick and Rachel about their painful decision. "I just realized that this is a game and the best chance of us winning the money was to take Chris and Sarah [to the finale]," Nick said. "It was by far the lowest I've ever felt in my entire life," Rachel added. (Earlier in the show, Jaclyn called Nick and Rachel's vote "unforgivable," adding her relationship with Rachel has "never been the same.")

What did you think of Monday night's shocking finale? Did Nick do the right thing? Or should he have split the money? Sound off, below.



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  • Dorothy

    Shame on you Nick ... I sure hope you can sleep at night.

  • jkapus

    1. learn how to spell. 2.Blakely "real"???? Real f'ing skanky!!! 3. Tony is a DOPE. That guy is totally p whipped. 4. learn how to spell.

  • Pepper

    Why does Nick have to show sympathy for Rachel? It was a game. Just because Micheal screwed her over doesnt mean Nick has to make up for it. Just cause jaclyn and rachel thought one of them should win doesn't mean nick shoud share, right?

  • Debbie Simmons
    Debbie Simmons

    CONGRADULATIONS Blakely and Tony, I believe those two are real and will grow old together and I hope they have a Great, Beautiful, life together. And she is very pretty!

  • Debbie Simmons
    Debbie Simmons

    Rachel shoul be the next batchelorette, she is nice and pretty and real. Nick is a greedy, ugly, and sickening! God don't like Ugly!!

  • Sara

    So it's okay for Rachel to chose money over her BEST FRIEND, but it's messed up when Nick choses money over a two week partner who didn't want to be there and made sure he knew and that he didn't keep her there. She is a hypocrite. Cry a little more, baby..

  • cheri

    It makes sense that Nick would choose to keep it all himself. Rachel was so upset when Michael left the show and didn’t want to be partners with anyone else. If it was me, I wouldn’t have the heart to keep it al l myself and I would have felt horrible. I missed the finale last night so this morning I made sure to watch it on my Hopper with the Auto Hop feature. It automatically skips the commercials for me, so I got ready for work while watching it. The feature saves me time, so I had a chance to grab coffee on my way to work at Dish. I was a bit shocked at how rude he was about it. On the brighter side, congratulations to Blakely and Tony on their engagement.

  • Marjorie

    Way to go, Nick!

  • forme2no

    Better yet.....I hope he meets a woman he falls in love with & she takes him for all he's got.

  • mispepi

    I agee hope his greed hurts him a boy what kindof man i he

  • mispepi

    he is a dick

  • forme2no

    Wow......what a PR__CK! Hope he suffers for his greed.

  • Cb

    It's a game...they all stab eachother in the back (ie Rachel to Jaclyn) and Nick flew under the radar and won. Good for him!

  • Previous Lottery Winner
    Previous Lottery Winner

    Total shock.... Greet and money results in horrible future events. Nicks greed will definitely hurt him down the road especially when he gave his sworn word to share the pot..... Not good and he will face backlash like he has never seen.....