Blake Lively Married: Her Real and Rumored Loves Before Husband Ryan Reynolds (GALLERY)

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Blake & Ryan: The Latest
Eight new details from Lively and Reynolds' secret wedding.
Blake Lively has had to kiss many frogs — albeit handsome ones — before finding her prince, actor Ryan Reynolds, in Mount Pleasant, S.C., on Sunday.

Though it was the wedding no one saw coming, Lively and Reynolds’ romance was blossoming for almost a year. Starting with a sushi and Radiohead concert date last October, the Green Lantern couple has since been inseparable — even purchasing a quaint country home in Bedford, N.Y., earlier this year.

So who were the other men in Lively’s life before Reynolds swept her off her feet?

As with Reynolds, the 25-year-old actress has dated few of her past costars.

Before her breaking out in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Lively was linked to childhood sweetheart and prom date Kelly Blatz, who finally “finally came around” in 2004 when they worked together in Simon Says.

Likewise, Lively and former beau Penn Badgley became an item in May 2007 after their characters hooked up in Gossip Girl. However, the pair parted ways in September 2010 after three years of dating.

Like with their low-key relationship, Lively and Lively and Reynolds, 35, kept their Sept. 9 nuptials very hush-hush and out of the public eye, with only 60 people on the guest list for the private ceremony.

In fact, even songstress and attendee Florence Welsh, who performed for the couple as a wedding gift, was forbidden to tell her hairstylist what she was doing that evening.

“[Florence] wasn’t allowed to say anything,” Kacie Faulling, a celebrity hair and makeup artist based in Charleston, told Celebuzz exclusively. “Blake and Ryan wanted it to be kept a secret. [Florence] wasn’t even allowed to bring her cell phone into the wedding. No one could take pictures.”

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