Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds Married: ‘I Have to Find a New Crush,’ Says Ryan Lochte (EXCLUSIVE)

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It’s on to the next one for Ryan Lochte.

The Olympic gold medalist is kissing dream girl Blake Lively goodbye now that she’s officially Mrs. Ryan Reynolds. The couple of almost a year tied the knot in front of 70 family members and friends at the Boone Hall Plantation near Charleston, S.C., on Sunday night.

“I wish them the best,” the Team USA swimmer told Celebuzz. “I didn’t even know she had a boyfriend until someone told me after I said she was my celebrity crush. But that’s great for them! Congratulations.”

What will Lochte do now that his No. 1 is no longer looking for love?

“Now I have to find a new crush,” he continued, “since she is officially off the market!”

Just days before the Gossip Girl star said “I do” to her Green Lantern costar, Lochte confessed to having a “huge crush on Blake Lively,” according to People. “She’s drop-dead gorgeous.”

Though Lochte had never come face-to-face with the lady of his dreams, he’d hoped to. “I haven’t met her yet,” he said. “If I do, I’d definitely be starstruck. She makes my toes curl.”

And the decorated swimmer would even forsake his strict food regimen for Lively, who’s known for her baking passion. “For her, I would totally cheat [on my diet],” he admitted. “I love homemade food, but I do have to keep to my regimen because I’m still training for the 2016 Olympics.”

Even after publicly confessing his affections for the actress, Lochte told Celebuzz at WWE Summerslam kick-off party in Beverly Hills that he hadn’t heard from her. “I am still waiting. Hopefully. I will be one happy guy if that happens.”

Check out Celebuzz’s full cover of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ wedding, below.

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