Brad Pitt 'Doesn't Feel Safe' Without a Gun; 15 Other Celebrities Who Exercise Their Second Amendment Rights (GALLERY)

packin' heat!

Brad Pitt may have played a gun-totting rebel in films such as Inglourious Basterds and Killing Them Softly, but he's just adamant on bearing arms in real life as his onscreen personas.

In a recent interview with the Daily Mail's Live magazine, the 48-year-old revealed that he "doesn't feel safe" without his trusty gun.

"America is a country founded on guns. It’s in our DNA. It’s very strange, but I feel better having a gun. I really do," he said. "I don’t feel safe, I don’t feel the house is completely safe, if I don’t have one hidden somewhere. That’s my thinking, right or wrong."

What does his fiancee Angelina Jolie think of Pitt's love for guns?

The 37-year-old Mr. & Mrs. Smith star agrees with him.

In a 2008 interview with Live, Jolie admitted they have a gun in their shared home in order to protect their kids.

"I bought original, real guns of the type we used in Tomb Raider for security. Brad and I are not against having a gun in the house, and we do have one. And yes, I'd be able to use it if I had to," she revealed. "I could handle myself."

The A-listers aren't the only celebs to have openly admitted to bearing arms. From Johnny Depp to onscreen cowboy Clint Eastwood, many Hollywood stars are exercising their rights as Americans to own and use guns.

Launch the gallery to see 15 celebs who are happily packin' heat.




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  • tabin

    "Hopefully he turns it on that pig he lives with, those useless kids and lastly himself" I understand why Pitt feels safer with a gun now.

  • 762x51nato

    I find it hard to discern this publication's attitude towards the Hollywood stars that believe in asserting their gun rights. You seem to be mocking Angelina Jolie for providing her children with toys. I seem to remember having toys such as those and playing cops and robbers and cowboys and indians. We had very realistic looking weapons, unlike today's toys which are required to have an orange tip. You should be proudly displaying these Americans' belief in our Constitution and their unabashed use of their rights. I frankly dislike Mr Pitt and Ms. Jolie as I feel they are very strange people but at least they are willing to stand up against the pervasive contempt of our present tenants in the White House and Congress, not to mention the hypocrites in Hollywood who make their money from the gun drenched shoot 'em ups that Hollywood puts out, generously mixed with some sort of porn or sex scenes. I own guns but I have not attached them to my sexuality so I find this kind of film disgusting in the extreme. So I say: I hope more media stars come out in favor of self defense.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully he turns it on that pig he lives with, those useless kids and lastly himself