Carmen Electra Is ‘Flattered’ By Ryan Lochte's Crush, Admits 'He's So Cute' (EXCLUSIVE)

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Ryan Lochte is sending hearts aflutter by revealing his secret celebrity crushes -- and one of those lucky ladies has a message for the handsome Olympic swimmer.

“I’m flattered that Ryan Lochte has a crush on me,” Carmen Electra confessed to Celebuzz. “He’s so cute."

Will Lochte ever get his chance with the brunette bombshell?

Could be. Said Electra: “I am sure our paths will cross soon.”

Still, the gold medalist has fierce competition: 40-year-old Electra has been engaged to guitarist Rob Patterson since 2008.

The model/actress' response comes just after Lochte, 28, revealed his longtime adoration of her.

“Growing up I’ve always looked at Carmen Electra,” he said during an interview on The Daily Buzz.

She's not the only lady Lochte is eyeing -- when Piers Morgan  asked who he’d choose to spend his life with on a deserted island, Lochte revealed that he'd like to take the place of another famous Ryan.

“I do still have a big crush on Blake Lively… she’s gorgeous,” he said of the Gossip Girl star, who married actor Ryan Reynolds on Sept. 9.

Still, Lochte is mindful of The Green Lantern star.  “I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes,” he confessed.


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  • amy

    yea i agree. if he were a humble person then he wouldnt have a reality show and letting himself go to all these A-List events. getting sick of this guy. im not gona comment on him anymore. i just wanted to get the word out once about lochte cause not everybody is in love with him. im not

  • amy

    "what do you think woul make your show successful. E! has alot of REALITY shows."-interviewer "um..because its REAL."-ryan lochte wow. this guy really is dumb! lol

  • Super Anon
    Super Anon

    Reynolds wasn't in Avengers either, smart one.

  • girl

    And Ryan Reynolds wasn't in the Avengers, either, less smart one.

  • Anon

    They meant Ryan Reynolds , hence" I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes,” smart one.

  • James

    “I do still have a big crush on Blake Lively… she’s gorgeous,” he said of the Gossip Girl star, who married actor Ryan Reynolds on Sept. 9. Still, Lochte is mindful of the Avengers star. “I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes,” he confessed. Hey, Idiot "journalist." Blake Livley wasn't in Avengers.

  • jen

    Agreed, great athlete aside, he's just a meathead douche.

  • Trisha

    Ryan Lochte is a fail. Yes he was a success at the Olympics, but bragging about one night stands, his over 100 collection of shoes, wanting to wear a diamond grille when he got a medal and saying it was his time--when it was the team's time. He is just an immature 28 year old that is really just out for himself. The PR firm he hired has a lot of work to do to make him a little more humble.

  • ella

    he's so hot i love him