Donald Trump Jr.’s Pregnant Wife Vanessa Trump: ‘I’m Nesting Like Crazy’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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This is one job the wife of Celebrity Apprentice advisor Donald Trump Jr. won’t be fired from.

Mother-of-three Vanessa Trump — who is expecting number four — has added designer to her growing resume. With a handbag and accessories line having just launched earlier this year, the mommy mogul has it all.

Speaking exclusively to Celebuzz, Trump dished on how she is able to manage being mother and entrepreneur, possible baby names, she and her husband’s perfect date night — plus what ‘The Donald’ is like, as a grandfather.

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Celebuzz: You have three gorgeous kids, a baby on the way, a successful husband, and a thriving career — how do you and Donald Jr. do it all?

Vanessa Trump: We try to make a lot of time for each other. We keep our kids on a great routine and schedule, which really helps with balance. Don and I are very hands on parents, which I believe is very important.

CB: You have another baby on the way — congratulations! This will be number four. How does this pregnancy compare to the first three?

VT: We are very excited to be having baby number four. This pregnancy, of course like every pregnancy, is different. I can definitely vouch for that. But, with this one I seem to have more energy, which is strange since I should be totally exhausted chasing after three kids at home! It has also gone by the fastest.

CB: Your such a pro parent by now. With the baby is due in October, have you gotten the nursery ready and what are your last preparations?

VT: Yes, I’ve been nesting like crazy. I’ve been re-doing all my kids rooms and doing a large clean sweep around the house. It’s amazing how much you can accumulate with a lot of kids. I just started doing my nursery and it won’t be too difficult to finish since I’ve done this three times before and have kept everything.

CB: Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl? Do you have names picked out?

VT: We are keeping it a surprise. It’s more fun that way. We have yet to finalize a name, but have a few options we’re tossing around.

CB: Tell us all about your new handbag and accessories line.

VT: La Poshett is a fine handbag and accessories line that strike the perfect balance between captivating materials, functionality and beautiful designs. All products are handmade from premium materials in New York and represent the culture and style that is at the heart and soul of New York City. They appeal to modern and contemporary women and exemplify a blend of class, elegance and modern allure. I’m very committed and excited about La Poshett as we have endless possibilities.

CB: Being a part of the Trump family, you go to your fair share of high society events. Are you a woman who’s all about the accessories?

VT: I have always been an accessories kind of woman. I love to throw on a pair of jeans, a cute simple top and wear great accessories with it that make me stand out. I think this is a fabulous time to start a collection, and we intend to expand and grow as fast and large as possible.

CB: Your sister-in-law Ivanka Trump also has an accessories line. Is there healthy competition? Do you ever exchange design advice?

VT: My sister-in-law has many accessory companies, all of which are amazing, and I wear her accessories all the time. Ivanka and I are not competitors, what we do is very different. We only wish each other success and offer ideas when necessary.

CB: Do you remember your most memorable – and expensive – accessory you (or your husband) purchased for yourself?

VT: My most expensive accessory would be my wedding ring!

CB: With such busy careers you must take time to spend with each other. What’s the perfect date night?

VT: We love to head up to our country house and just relax, sit outside and enjoy each others company. It’s peaceful and being with each other makes it all the better.

CB: How does your father-in-law Donald Sr. feel about the new addition to the family? He must be the best babysitter.

VT: My father-in-law is very supportive of our new addition. He is an amazing grandfather to our three kids, gives them so much love.

CB: As a new mom-of-four, you know a thing or two about kids. With an accessories line already a success, have you thought about expanding to include a baby collection?

VT: I’ve been giving that some serious thought. Especially having experience in the kiddie department since I will have four under the age of five, it is definitely an option and a route I am considering.

CB: Have you even thought about expanding the family even more to baby number five?

VT: We would never say never. We love having kids.