56-Year-Old Kris Jenner Shows Off Stunning Bikini Body on Australian Magazine Cover (PHOTO)

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Apparently, 56 is the new 21.

Kris Jenner recently posed for the cover of New Idea magazine, on which she displays her incredible bikini body for everyone to see.

The 56-year-old momager and reality TV star also shares her secrets to staying fit to the Australian publication, which you can see in the photo, above.

Whatever they are, we'll have what she's having.

Last month, Jenner also posed for a sexy photo shoot for Interview magazine, which she previewed on her blog. Check out the photo, plus a link to the full interview, here.

For more on all-things Kris Jenner, visit her official blog.

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  • AlaBella

    Anything for publicity, right, Kris?

  • Alexis

    Right after 6 prengancies you body would not look like that. its obvious she had many plastic surgeries, don't be WOW at those pic on the cover - it's photoshop. What's more not so long time ago on Bora Bora Kris hasn't show up in bikini... and now after 2 year she has better body, PLEASE!!!

  • maxwell kingsley
    maxwell kingsley

    this is astoning kris jenner u ar fabulous

  • Sinvincible

    If I had as many recent surgeries as she has I'd be tempted to think I could "show off bikini body" too. Get over yourself, and try being a little nicer to your husband!

  • Paul

    That's gross!