Madonna’s Workout Plan Revealed: Personal Trainer Details How 54-Year-Old ‘Queen of Pop’ Got In Shape For MDNA Tour (EXCLUSIVE)

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After 29 years, Madonna is still strutting on stage with her envious dance moves and even more envious athletic build.

But how does the 54-year-old manage to stay so physically fit while she’s on her current “MDNA” tour?

Celebuzz spoke with Madge’s personal trainer, Nicole Winhoffer, who shared the secrets to how the original Material Girl got such sculpted muscles.

And guess what?

Anyone can achieve similar results, because Madonna and Winhoffer put their heads together to co-create their first fitness DVD series, Hard Candy Fitness’ Addicted to Sweat.

“The DVD focuses on all aspects of fitness — toning, conditioning, speed, agility, strengthening, flexibility, endurance — so that you are conditioning all parts of your body,” Winhoffer dished. “[It] was designed with the goal of getting a total body workout without missing any trouble spots that can be sometimes hard to target.”

And those goals can be reached without a gym membership: thanks to the DVD, workout enthusiasts don’t even have to leave the comfort of their own home — or in Madge’s case, their hotel room.

Revealed Winhoffer: “We do all of the dance cardio dances daily.”

The trainer, meanwhile, says she’s can’t take full credit for Madge’s magnificent bod.

“Madonna is my mentor. I am the trainer I am today because of her. It is so amazing to be around a person who is so motivated, dedicated and passionate about everything she does, fitness included,” she says. “It pushes me to make my work new, fresh, and exciting.”

“Addicted to Sweat” is available online now now. Will you be working out a la Madonna? Let us know in the comments section.