'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Dina Manzo Returns and Stirs the Pot

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The Napa nuclear fallout between Caroline Manzo and Teresa Giudice raged on and Dina Manzo made her return on Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched Sunday’s episode, “Dinasty of Denial.”

For the past year, RHONJ fans have been hearing that sisters (and sisters-in-law!) Dina and Caroline were at odds. What exactly happened to make Caroline's "my family is as thick as thieves" comment null?

Tre invited Dina to the launch of her new wine, Fabellini. She proceeded to give Dina her version of what took place in Napa. She also brought up the "jokes" she made in her cookbook about Caroline. In response, Dina gave Tre a mysterious comment about blood not always being thicker than water. For her part, Caroline dropped hints during the episode that Tre is the main reason she and her baby sister have been estranged, but never elaborated.

It was cool to see Dina back at the RHONJ party, but what happened to Teresa trying to spend time with her own family and repair those strained relationships? Why not have her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga and brother Joe attend?

Tre told her cousin Kathy Wakile that she and Jacqueline Laurita had buried the hatchet, yet her BFF also wasn't in attendance. Denial seems to be a river Mrs. Giudice loves to travel!

The biggest WTF moment came when Dina informed Teresa that Caroline's issues weren't Teresa's fault. Huh? Dina must not have been watching the last two seasons of this show. Or, whatever caused the rift in the House of Manzo must have been a doozy!

Buzz Moments  OMG!: Teresa and hubby “Juicy” Joe trashing Caroline and Kathy’s looks. Really, you two, we get you are mad at them but that’s a bit high school.

Thank you, TV gods.: “Juicy” telling Teresa to stay out of Caroline and Dina’s family drama. Who would’ve thought he’d be the voice of reason?

Awk-ward: Kathy grilling the tour guides at University of Maryland about doing laundry. C’mon Kathy, those girls are all about airtime and not about separating whites from colored clothes.

Fab-u-lous: Melissa’s ensemble that she wore to Caroline’s house. For someone claiming to be suffering from a bad hair day, girlfriend knows how to rock a fedora. Also, Dina’s arrival to Teresa’s party. Yes, she nearly wiped out, but her ensemble was to die for.

Can. Not. Wait.: Next week, Kim D.’s back and causing nothing but drama yet again at her Posche fashion show, with a surprise from Melissa’s past.

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 6

Is Dina right about Caroline’s anger towards Teresa? Should Caroline heed Melissa’s advice and let her beef go?

-- Jillian Bowe

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  • EWT

    There is something about that caroline, very evil discussted, and Jackline another stupid unastable, she need to worry about her "Rude" doughter. Dina is beutiful, I am glad Teresa is close to her. Melissa wake up...stick with your sister in law Teresa make a peace, bring the family together. Gorga love his Sister. You will never win...act soon

  • Gia

    You are wrong !! CAroline is mean, jealous and down right ugly

  • Gia

    Caroline is mean, jealous and down right ugly

  • Gia

    - Caroline has to go

  • Gia

    Dina is Great!! .. and is ugly hatefull old liying b.. She has to go..

  • Silas Avery
    Silas Avery

    You two are DEAD wrong. Caroline did something to Dina. That's why she won't discuss it and is putting the blame on Teresa. HELLO WAKE UP

  • mutter

    Dina Manzo is a low life piece of work. She disses her own sister at a public event. You can't get much lower. You should have known it was an omen when you fell off your shoes going in. When you are hateful to others, things will happen to you. Maybe you are alittle too old to be wearing heels that younger women should be wearing. What a great roll model you are for your daughter. Teach her how to diss the family and be hateful. What a mom you are. Hopefully you daughter gets her morals from her father.

  • Kim

    Dina is SO disappointing! Caroline has ALWAYS had her back, I think shes jealous bc she left the show for greener pasture, then realizes the Grass was infertile. Now she wants to come back to a winning team and be on top so and she willing to take out her on sister (and fan favorite) Caroline to get back on! So sad...