'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Aviva Drescher's Not-So-Welcome Wagon

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St. Barths madness continued with Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan's lack of welcome etiquette with Aviva Drescher on Monday's The Real Housewives Of New York.

 Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched Monday's episode, “Vacation, All I Never Wanted."

The morning after Aviva's fight with Ramona and Sonja in St. Barths, the two BFF's were still smarting over Aviva's comment that they were "white trash." "Ramonja," as they are known, decided to Google the slang phrase since they were clueless as to what it meant. Alright ladies, you knew exactly what that word meant!

Ramonja decided to complain about Aviva to Carole Radziwill, who attempted to diffuse the situation. But, it wouldn't be a Real Housewives if mediators were ever actually able to successfully mediate tensions.

Aviva continued to complain about not getting a huge party for her arrival, and/or more praise for attempting to conquer her fear of flying. We get it, she has a phobia. Can we all get on with our lives now? Needless to say, Ramonja and Aviva went to war once again over Aviva's slighted feelings. Oy...

After the skirmish died down, the ladies grabbed a bite to eat in town, where Heather Thomson and Carole tried to play peacemakers. Big mistake. Aviva kept whining, while Heather shamed the ladies for their bad behavior. A trip that should have been a celebration of Carole's generosity, turned into an episode of "All About Aviva."

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Heather telling Aviva to back off with her complaints about not getting a gold star from Ramona and Sonja for flying down to St. Barths. Stop beating that drum girl!

Thank you, TV gods: The St. Barths trip is over! I like some drama played out in front of me, but this trip was a mess from the "m" to the "s"!

Awk-ward: Ramona blurting out at lunch she has diarrhea. That’s not a thing you want to hear while having lobster and mimosas.

Hotness: The ladies deciding to go skinny dipping on their last night. Even with all the tension, the women chose to go out with a bang.

Fab-u-lous: For ladies of a certain age, these gals look damn good in bikinis.

Can. Not. Wait.: I’m anxious to see Heather have her one-on-one with Aviva and tell her not everything revolves around her. Plus, LuAnn de Lesseps and her talk with her beau Jacques about her St. Barths "adventure" with Thomas.

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 7.5

Do you think Aviva was justified in rants against "Ramonja"? Was the trip a bust once Reid arrived? Tell us in the section below.

-- Jillian Bowe


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  • helenb

    that right that fake ass aviva needs to be cancelled off the show she is to spoiled and old and boring not to mention ugly ass hell get rid of tat white trash not worth the time or money on bravo her husband might be gay but that is not my concern that her problem i just think she is a waste on this show

  • colleen

    so OVER aviva...is she for real?!!?? I fast forward her scenes please tell her to stay home season

  • southerngirl

    Whoops! misspelled Aviva. You know we whitetrash can't spell;)

  • southerngirl

    Avivi should ask Vassar for her money back. Cause she's still an idiot!!!!!!!

  • pat

    I agree..Aviva is the white trash. What does she want, a gold medal for taking a trip? What a spoiled bitch. Bravo, please take her off the show. She makes me sick with all of her whining. GET OVER YOURSELF!!!!

  • Mike

    Aviva is that you?

  • sam

    Awful Aviva!! Pretentious, much? She needs to get OFF the show, asap!! How can she act so high and mighty with a perv for a father? Come on! She thinks Ramonja is bad? How about her father talking about "squirting orgasms" AT DINNER!! So gross and classless! It's always the worst people that judge the most. Always!

  • Laura

    Wow, it is not surprising you defend low lifes like Sonja and Ramona you have about as much class. Who are you to say Reid is gay? That is a reckless comment to just talk out of the side of your mouth. Geez this reality show format is really making America stupid.

  • Aviva Sucks
    Aviva Sucks

    OMG I absolutely abhor Aviva now! Who doe she think she is?!?!?

  • Lisa Dianne Wolff
    Lisa Dianne Wolff

    Ugh Aviva expects a party or a banner? What a snob. who lit the fuse on her tampon? who is SHE to expect a party or a banner? I have anxiety problems too and people don't praise me every day for overcoming them let alone taking a private plane to St Barths... *le sigh* Nouveau riche... Also she knows Reid is gay right? Maybe if she went out with Sonja and got laid someone would find and remove the stick from her ass!

  • laure

    aviva is such a hipocrite and totally self absorbed. At least ramona and sonja can blame the liquor. Wh at's her excuse. Hate her.