Rihanna Shows Off Her New Ink: Rihanna’s Many Tattoos (GALLERY)

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Rihanna has made headlines lately for her public displays of affection, but it seems the songstress doesn’t just have a soft spot for ex Chris Brown.

In loving memory of her grandmother, the 24-year-old pop star had a large image of the Egyptian goddess Isis, kneeling with her wings spread etched across her ribcage.

After performing at the opening ceremony of the London Paralympics Sunday, Rihanna revealed her new tattoo to fans on Twitter and Instagram.

What does the winged goddess have to do with Rihanna’s grandma?

Along with a modest photo of her new body art, Rihanna tweeted the following explanation:

The tattoo of Iris, who is known to represent the “ideal mother and wife,” symbolizes the singer’s feelings about her grandmother — who passed away in July after battling cancer.

The singer emphasized her grandma’s compassion, tweeting, “Figure out who knows u, who trusts u, who’s important to u, whose opinions actually matter, and whose presence is irresistible #granDOLLY.”

And later, Rihanna confirmed a fan’s explanation of her new ink: “’@RihannaNavy96: The tattoo means a lot to Rihanna. It’s something to keep her grandma’s memory alive.’ YOU’s be knowing gra! #dolly”

What do you think of Rihanna’s latest addition to her tattoo collection? Weight in below and click through our gallery to see more of her body ink.


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