‘Covert Affairs’ Star Christopher Gorham Says Auggie ‘Will Be Annie’s Champion’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Fans of USA’s Covert Affairs can rest easy. After last week’s shocker, it’s safe to say that Annie (Piper Perabo) isn’t going anywhere soon.

“I’d be in big trouble if she died,” series star Christopher Gorham told Celebuzz.

As for Auggie (Gorham) and Annie shippers — and really, who isn’t shipping these two? — the actor promises that there will be something to cheer about after Tuesday’s all-new episode, “Suffragette City.”

“Auggie is her champion in this episode,” Gorham told us. “Auggie is helping her when she can’t help herself.”

What else did the actor have to say about tonight’s new episode? Click on the video above to find out.

Gorham also dished that Auggie’s trusty laser cane will be absent from the episode — and for Auggie/Annie fans, this minor detail is very important.

“I felt that it was necessary for Auggie to carry his white cane throughout the entire episode this week because that’s a comfort for him,” he said. “It felt like a natural decision. He’s dealing with a lot of emotions, with everything that happened to Annie, that he would inadvertently revert to what was most comfortable for him, something that he uses at home, and that’s his white cane.”

For more scoop on Covert Affairs, including Gorham’s dish on his directorial debut and his bromance with co-star Peter Gallagher, check back later in the week.

 Covert Affairs airs Tuesdays at 10 PM on USA.