Did Woody Harrelson Lose His Beloved Dog? Lost-Pet Posters Featuring Star Dotted Around Hollywood (PHOTOS)

'Hunger Games' First Look!
Stills from the upcoming film.
“Who Stole My F#$king Shih Tzu?!”

It was the emotional plea that hit the streets of Hollywood, Calif. on Monday afternoon via lost-dog posters baring the familiar face of a Tinseltown legend, Woody Harrelson.

On the flyer, a man identified as Charlie Costello — but whom looked suspiciously like 51-year-old Harrelson, who starred in Cheers as bartender Woody Boyd — pled for the return of a well-loved Shih Tzu named ‘Bonny’ — a pup that was described as having a “heart bigger than a lion.”

“I love this f**king dog more than my girlfriend,” the owner noted.

So, what’s the deal? Has The Hunger Games star lost his pet pooch?

Fear not Harrelson fans, the Natural Born Killers actor’s dog — if he even has one — is safe and sound. The pooch belonging to his latest fictional character, however, isn’t.

The posters and a Twitter account are part of a clever guerrilla and social media campaign for Harrelson’s new dark comedy Seven Psychopaths, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival at the weekend.

In the film — which also stars Colin FarrellSam Rockwell and Christopher Walken — Harrelson’s dog is stolen, setting off a bizarre chain of events.

Despite the flyers all being an elaborate hoax, it hasn’t stopped dog lovers and Harrelson fans taking to the Twitter page to check on Bonny’s missing status.

“Vengeance will rain upon those who have stolen such a perfect creature. I stand with you! @psychocostello”, one follower wrote.

Another said she had even found the beloved pet.

“Hey, @PsychoCostello, I found Bonnie. Picture’s from last night, so no idea where he is now, but at least he’s alive!” she tweeted.

Watch the Seven Psychopaths trailer below for more on Bonny’s dognapping. Warning explicit language.