‘GCB’ Stars Marisol Nichols and Jennifer Aspen on Show’s Shocking Cancellation: We Were All Surprised (VIDEOS)

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It’s been nearly four months since ABC passed on renewing GCB for a second season, but it stars are still a little shocked at the surprise cancellation.

“I think everyone was surprised that it didn’t get picked up,” Marisol Nichols, who played Heather Cruz on the now-defunct show, told Celebuzz at the 2nd Annual Red CARpet Event.

“I felt that it was seen as a hit,” she added.

How does her fellow costars feel about the GCB’s untimely end?

“I was surprised,” Jennifer Aspen, who played former beauty queen Sharon Peacham said. “I cried for two days!”

Likewise, many diehard fans were in an outrage to learn of the series’ demise, despite drawing 5.6 million viewers for its season finale.

In fact, an online campaign was established to encourage ABC execs to rethink their decision.

Though previously beloved cancelled shows such Cougar Town, Scurbs, Southland and Friday Night Lights all found new homes outside their original networks, Aspen thinks it’s highly unlikely GCB will find a new life elsewhere.

“I thought it would because it was the largest online campaign in tv history to bring it back. There’s like 100,000 signatures,” she told us. “I thought that would happen but it hasn’t yet, so I don’t know about that.”

Would you have liked to see GCB return for a second season? Watch our videos with its cast members above and below, then sound off in the comments.