Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson Take Daughter Maxwell Drew on Her First Flight (PHOTOS)

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson Take Daughter Maxwell Drew on her First Flight
Meet Baby Maxwell
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Jessica Simpson showed off her healthy post-baby bod on the series premiere of Katie Couric's new talk show Katie -- but it was her daughter Maxwell Drew who was the center of attention at JFK airport in New York City on Sunday.

This is the first time baby Maxwell has been spotted in public, and apparently, she takes after her mother when it comes to fashion. The adorable tot wore polka dot Mary Janes and a matching scarf.

The happy mom and her fiance Eric Johnson -- who carried his four-month-old daughter in his arms throughout the bustling airport -- flew into the city for Simpson's debut on Katie.

What did Simpson confess to the day time host?

"During pregnancy, I didn't really think about it," she told Couric. "I thought my doctors were telling me that it was just a lot of water and whenever my water broke my whole entire stomach would go down but that did not happen... All the weight did not come out with the baby!"

Simpson, who is the new spokesperson for Weight Watchers, has already lost 40 pounds since giving birth in May. It's an impressive feat, considering that Simpson reportedly gained 70 pounds during her pregnancy.

"You have to track every bit, and you can't get away with the bites because they add up," the former popstar said. "You have to be completely honest with yourself, and I think just creating that relationship of honesty with yourself is so good."




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  • me

    oh leave Jessica and Max alone, its a bathing suit. She's not in a thong bikini, for goodness sake!

  • Pam Dick
    Pam Dick

    A scarf wrapped around an infant's neck? What an idiot. Baby clothes don't have belts, cords or long sashes because they can get caught and the baby can choke to death. Christ, buy a parenting book and have Eric read it to you.

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  • miss.rouso

    adorable!! i'm loving those cheeks :)

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